How to spell CARCK correctly?

We think the word carck is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell carck correctly

  • arc But all he did was to stand there with his mouth corners workin', and them black eyes of his winkin' like a pair of arc lights.
  • ark It's a sort of Ark of the Covenant; and when you get to it, you will find therein the True Spirit-if you take it with you when you leave home.
  • back "Come back again, Mr. Mallock," he said.
  • bark The timber chiefly iron-bark and box.
  • cacao We esteem the cacao butter for savoury dishes very highly.
  • cage "Perhaps if we put the cage out he'd come back into it," said Peggy.
  • cake Mrs. Sherwin was cutting the cake as I came in, while her husband watched the process with critical eyes.
  • calk
  • car
  • card
  • care The caretaker was diligent in her work.
  • cargo
  • carjack Masked gunmen carjacked her vehicle and drove off.
  • carp No one ever swims in the carp pond.
  • carsick I feel carsick every time I take a flight.
  • cart The grocery clerk was pushing a cart filled with groceries.
  • cask I was surprised to find a casks of whiskey hidden in the back corner of the warehouse.
  • caulk The pipe needed caulking around the edge.
  • clack
  • clark
  • click
  • clock
  • cluck
  • coca Cola is better than coca cola.
  • coco
  • cook The cook was in the kitchen cooking.
  • cork I bring my wine in a corked bottle.
  • crick
  • crock I can't believe I ate all of the crockpot chicken.
  • dark
  • gawk I gawk at the beautiful scenery.
  • hack
  • hark She heard the farmer harking his dog.
  • jack The jackpot has been won by Dave.
  • jock He was a jock at school.
  • kick
  • kirk The kirk is a storied, medieval church in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • lack
  • lark
  • mack I need to buy a mack truck.
  • marc
  • mark
  • narc It is against the law to possess narcotics.
  • nark
  • pack
  • park
  • quack The quack was able to cure all of the patients.
  • quark
  • rack I was always struck by how many items were hung on the rack in the shop.
  • sack
  • tack
  • wrack
  • Carl My brother, Carl, always loved spending time outdoors.
  • Keck I borrowed Keck's razor from him.
  • Jacky I'm not used to this cold weather. It's so cold that my nose is running and my throat is sore.
  • Capek Capek's ideas influenced the development of modern theatre.
  • Carr The Carr boy is a scrawny little devil.
  • Cary
  • Cara My best friend's name is Cara.
  • cars
  • PARC
  • crack I hear that crackling sound every time the fireplace is used.

List of 9 words made from the word carck

3 letter words made from carck:

car, ark, arc.

4 letter words made from carck:

5 letter words made from carck:

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