Correct spelling for CARESSLY

We think the word caressly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for caressly

  • carelessly He said it carelessly, yet with his keen blue eyes fixed on her.
  • caress I fear she will not suffer me to caress her tenderly-But she shall never sleep in the arms of Henley!
  • coarsely "I thought you were keen on that girl, Pinto," he said coarsely.
  • crazily McLean got his eye to the sight in time to see a tribesman spin crazily within fifty feet of them.
  • cress I have seen the leaves of lake cress, Nasturtium lacustre, often spontaneously separate from the stem, possibly carrying at the base the rudiments of a small bud, which draws on the floating leaf for nourishment and produces a small plant near its base.
  • crossly "Don't call me brother," he said crossly.
  • grossly Do you recollect the day, when, in your anger, you told me that I had only a head, but no heart, thinking you were insulting me grossly!"
  • Caressed But when he caught her to him with one arm, and with the other caressed her, she became frightened again and retreated to her place.
  • cares "Do you really think," he muttered, "that she cares about me?"
  • crassly
  • caresses Just after I had left M. Vivaldi's house I found myself face to face with Stephano, and this extraordinary original loaded me with friendly caresses.

213 words made from the letters caressly

3 letter words made from caressly:

sse, als, yes, sec, era, rye, ace, are, car, aec, cay, cry, sea, say, sly, lye, lay, sls, ray, ale, arc, asl, res, ley, lac, yea, sac, ler, lea, ass, esr, ear, cer, ras, sle, ayr, rya.

4 letter words made from caressly:

rale, acer, erya, ares, lery, slye, less, lecy, aryl, case, lays, cars, cley, elya, yser, seya, reys, rely, year, yrsa, layr, real, race, scar, leys, arse, lace, eral, yale, seys, seas, clay, rcsl, laye, ryce, lyce, says, ryes, sale, care, seay, rase, lacy, lear, lyra, cays, acre, eyas, rayl, crye, sacy, arcy, esla, seal, slay, lyre, ryas, yeas, sear, easy, ealy, racy, reay, ryle, arey, earl, lass, acyl, eyra, yass, ayer, ayre, aery.

5 letter words made from caressly:

clear, lyrae, sacyr, clary, ryles, seals, scarl, rases, sylar, laers, seras, eyass, relay, resay, early, rayle, sayes, clays, eyras, cares, scale, reasy, lyses, sears, ayler, assel, scrye, selya, sayce, rayes, sealy, essay, ceral, aryls, acyls, alery, lyase, sales, layer, sayel, leary, creal, realy, laser, lyssa, seral, rasey, alces, elsas, selar, sarel, arsey, laces, ceras, lyras, slays, clery, scary, cryes, sacer, syces, assle, lacer, yssel, ryals, sayle, acres, scyes, searl, clase, leray, claye, years, alers, syler, saler, yaser, cress, racey, scrae, aysel, reals, syles, arcel, cayes, scaly, class, sleys, slyer, yales, crass, cayer, cyres, ayles, acrey, cases, yecla, lyres, lessa, essar, slaes, sesay, scare.

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