What is the correct spelling for CARIENT?

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Correct spelling for CARIENT

We think the word carient is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for carient

  • cabinet He stepped abruptly forward, and, giving his hand to Barbarina, led her into his cabinet.
  • cant For a Medical pamphlet: Cant as a means of Prolonging Life.
  • carat Letters or numbers preceded by a carat symbol, ^, indicate letters or numbers which were in superscript in the original.
  • careen Now one hits in a field of wheat, Fresh planted, fair and green, And a mighty, thundering crater bursts Where abandoned plows careen.
  • caret False representations had probably been made to the French government with regard to the removal of Caret and Laval; and Captain Du Petit Thouars was instructed to demand satisfaction at Tahiti for injuries done to French subjects.
  • carina Valvae 5, approximatae: scutorum umbones in medio marginis occludentis positi: carina rectangule flexa, sursum inter terga extensa, termino basali simpliciter concavo.
  • caring As has been said, the Supreme Being alone is usually considered above the weakness of caring for sacrifice, or for external worship in "temples made with hands."
  • carnot It is significant as to the possibility of the escape of Napoleon that Joseph succeeded in getting on the brig Commerce as "M. Bouchard," and, though the ship was thrice searched by the English, he got to New York on the 28th of August, where he was mistaken for Carnot.
  • carotene β-Carotene is the most common form of carotene in plants.
  • carrion Dead, I should be a mere lump of carrion.
  • clarinet Only, notwithstanding the early hour, away yonder, towards the Pont de la Concorde, a little clarinet, shrill and sharp, could be heard above the rumbling of the first vehicles; but its exasperating mockery was henceforth lost on him who lay there asleep, showing to the terrified Nabob an image of his own destiny, chilled, discoloured, ready for the tomb.
  • client His client gazed at him queerly.
  • cornet
  • coronet
  • cruet
  • currant
  • current
  • garment
  • garnet
  • gradient
  • grant
  • karen
  • orient
  • parent
  • rent
  • variant
  • Can't I can't have it.
  • Cared I always have cared for one woman!
  • Careened For this the onlookers had not long to wait: the brig halted and trembled-her sails shook in the wind, her crew were seen trying to free the cutter-then she careened and sank until only her mast-heads stood out of the water.
  • Carried The hideous death's head was now carried in the hand.
  • Grained
  • Craned
  • Cried
  • Karin
  • Corine
  • careens The wind increases as the tide flows, and the brig works with great violence, now, as she rolls and careens over upon her bilge, she threatens to fall upon, and destroy the life-boat The captain of the boat hails the men on the brig to come on board the boat, and get away from the side of the vessel as fast as they can. The boatmen try to explain the danger to the Portuguese, but they cannot understand.
  • aren't "It aren't right to speak so of your only brother, Dennis," said Aunty Losh, mildly.

217 words made from the letters carient

3 letter words made from carient:

art, ane, are, tin, ret, tar, can, ace, nit, tan, ear, tai, ect, net, cer, ern, arc, ert, ten, ter, tri, ent, nec, ain, eta, ate, tia, tec, tea, cat, nrc, rna, rat, act, car, rit, crt, air, era, aec, etc, ice, ire, ani, tic, cia, tie, eat, ant, ira.

5 letter words made from carient:

cinar, artec, erian, cerat, caret, cient, tenia, inter, cinae, arine, tinea, renta, trace, eatin, erica, certa, actin, carni, cante, trice, itera, tiran, recit, ertan, nacer, terai, netra, nirta, crine, earnt, ntare, ciena, etian, naret, trine, anter, crean, terna, citra, recti, tanec, einat, nitre, entia, recai, centi, trian, tenir, acter, cairn, canet, areni, inert, niter, antic, artin, anier, caire, cirta, tenri, creta, teian, etica, ercan, tiner, retin, iater, atire, renai, irate, rinta, cater, riant, treni, tinca, teria, nitra, irena, crane, crena, ancre, enact, atric, racin, cerna, arent, intra, carte, intar, raite, ritan, ratin, caner, terni, incae, retia, cinta, crate, ictrn, arcti, rinat, rinca, trani, ticer, nacre, recta, raeti, crati, react, train, acier.

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