How to spell CARNT correctly?

We think the word carnt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell carnt correctly

  • ant
  • cain Cain killed his brother Abel in an act of jealousy in the Bible.
  • cairn The hiker built a cairn to mark the trail for others to follow.
  • can I can eat tacos for every meal.
  • Can't
  • CANAD I always buy my taxes online because I have to canadian in order to claim the refund.
  • candy I bought a bag of candy to share with my friends at the movies.
  • cane He uses a walking cane to assist him with his balance.
  • Caned The student was caned by the headmaster for repeatedly skipping classes.
  • Cannot I cannot seem to find my keys anywhere.
  • cant I can't believe how much it rained today.
  • canter
  • canto
  • cantor He sang a beautiful cantor.
  • cants
  • canute
  • carat The diamond was 3 carats in weight.
  • card I have a gift for you, it's a card.
  • caret You should use a caret to indicate the omission of a word from a text.
  • Carney She met Carney at the party.
  • carnot Carnot's principle states that the efficiency of a heat engine is limited by the difference in temperature between the hot and cold reservoirs.
  • Carny I've never been to a proper carnival, let alone trust a Carny who runs the rigged games.
  • cart I complained to the store clerk about the broken cart.
  • cat My cat loves to play with his toy mice.
  • CATT I can't believe that Cat is sitting in the middle of the room.
  • chant The choir was singing a cheerful chant.
  • CONT
  • corn My favorite way to eat corn is grilled with butter and salt.
  • cornet I cannot believe that my grandfather played the cornet in the orchestra.
  • count
  • crt The computer caught on fire.
  • curt The receptionist's curt tone annoyed the customer.
  • garnet Bas been trying to pawn her garnet ring for months.
  • gaunt She had the gaunt look of a famine victim.
  • giant My giant toy is much bigger than your small toy.
  • grant Herbert was granted tenure at the university.
  • Janet
  • jaunt The hike was much more of a jaunt than I had anticipated.
  • kant Philosopher Immanuel Kant believed that reason is the source of morality.
  • KART I have never driven a go-kart before.
  • rant I'm going to rant about how the system is rigged against the average person
  • scant The company's profits were scant this quarter compared to last year.

Misspelling of the day


  • calais
  • calms
  • cams
  • chlamys
  • claim
  • claimers
  • claims
  • clam
  • clamors
  • clamps