What is the correct spelling for CAROITED?

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Correct spelling for CAROITED

We think the word caroited is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for caroited

  • carotid The general course of the common carotid artery and internal jugular vein is, therefore, obliquely backwards and upwards through the diagonal of the cervical square, and passing, as it were, from the point of one angle of the square to that of the opposite-viz.
  • carpeted "The Pendragon Hotel" astonished him by its stone pillars, its glimpse of a wonderful, cool, softly carpeted hall, its official in gold buttons who stood solemnly magnificent on the steps, the admiration of several small boys who looked up into his face with wide-open eyes.
  • coated
  • credited
  • crowded
  • rooted
  • rotted
  • routed
  • Carded Schooling had been his, he had let it slip; if his gentlehood had been negotiable he had carded it away.
  • Cared Without gayety and hopefulness neither of us would have dared or cared to run away from Hillard House.
  • Caroled Fields as green as when the summer birds caroled above them, woods more gorgeous with innumerable hues and tints of ripening leaves than a blooming parterre, are spread beneath the azure sky, whose deepest color is reflected with intenser blue in lake and stream.
  • Carolled Forthwith down they sat together on the grass, all and sundry, and ate and drank and laughed and talked, insomuch that in brake and thicket near and far the birds carolled and chattered in pretty mockery.
  • Caroused The great hall, where men at arms, after a foray or raid upon some neighboring stronghold, must have caroused times without number, making the roof ring with their rude rejoicing, was alive to-night with men and women, exiles forgetting their exile for a while or exchanging news which might mean a speedy return to their homeland.
  • Carried They carried the girl to an open window, while Cherami exclaimed: "No, no; it isn't Gustave who's dead.
  • Carted Severely bleeding from his wounds, he was thrown into an open wagon and carted across country to the Milwaukee county jail, for the man hunters feared to go to Racine, where the antislavery feeling was strong.
  • Cavorted
  • Garroted
  • Grated
  • Gritted
  • Grouted
  • Rioted
  • Crated
  • Created
  • Cried
  • crafted
  • curated
  • catted
  • carotids In No. 11 I believe both the external and internal carotids were implicated; in No. 10 I believe the internal alone, close to its origin.
  • caromed It bumped into him with such violence as to drive him back into the doorway, and then caromed off, rocking on its heels to regain its balance.

393 words made from the letters caroited

3 letter words made from caroited:

dec, dre, cer, car, rat, cia, dia, tic, iod, tec, ret, ido, era, doe, ect, rad, ade, crt, die, ice, ace, ear, dot, ado, etc, tai, tar, aec, rit, oed, rod, tod, doc, ire, art, oat, otc, ore, doa, arc, cad, tao, oar, rot, edo, ceo, dat, tie, rio, toe, roc, oct, act, eat, air, roe, cio, cot, tea, are, ode, aid, ter, eta, dit, cro, rid, ted, tad, red, ate, tri, ert, oca, cat, ida, tor, tia, ira.

5 letter words made from caroited:

croad, dacre, atrio, detro, aitor, ortac, treco, doric, raeti, toder, diate, arcti, crate, arced, ratio, cidra, aroid, citor, coire, acier, cidre, otaci, dirca, oaric, cider, cador, tardi, arico, coder, terao, dicto, icade, acter, darco, coria, oater, edict, recit, retia, cored, trico, todai, odair, toric, orica, riced, cerio, erica, reato, dorta, decor, deori, oirat, itard, cadre, torda, artio, taide, orate, diaco, derai, otira, actio, coari, recta, terai, artec, irate, adret, cerdo, iteco, tread, deiro, crati, doira, decir, cotai, drace, drita, dicer, adric, certo, actor, roade, dorce, certa, corta, coade, teria, idrac, caire, rodia, citro, recto, tocai, doire, oread, ecoid, aceto, recai, caroe, rocta, aerdi, trade, trice, ordet, carte, iatro, dorte, citra, todea, radio, raide, credo, deira, rotie, ariot, atric, dirce, odier, airod, croat, diact, crato, daito, acide, rodat, tocar, raido, itera, dicot, corte, driot, crode, draco, oteri, aoide, corda, troie, dirac, aired, recio, triad, tried, ticao, rotec, adire, cadet, cedar, adore, todar, recti, ticer, acrid, react, cairo, roate, detar, coted, caret, creta, toica, octad, arcot, oecad, raite, trace, cerat, coate, oirad, acero, dacer, iater, dotar, drice, cater, etica, atire, coati, deair, dorai, cirta, cedit, caito, otari, taroc, otard, tired, radoi, erato.

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