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How to spell CARTERED correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "cartered", it's actually "catered". Commonly mistaken, this term refers to providing food or services for an event. So, next time you need to arrange a catered affair, rest assured that the correct spelling is "catered", not "cartered."

List of suggestions on how to spell cartered correctly

  • Bartered I bartered with the merchant and managed to trade my old phone for a new one.
  • Cantered The horse cantered gracefully around the arena during the equestrian competition.
  • Capered The children capered around the park, enjoying their freedom after being cooped up all winter.
  • Captured
  • Careered Despite his impressive academic qualifications, he never careered into the success he had hoped for.
  • Carted I carted all the groceries from the car to the house in one trip.
  • Catered The event was catered by a gourmet chef, providing delicious food for all the guests.
  • caterer The caterer will ensure that there is enough food for the entire wedding reception.
  • chartered The company has chartered a private jet for their executives to fly to the conference.
  • Chattered As the group of friends walked along the trail, they chattered excitedly about the beautiful scenery around them.
  • Clattered The dishes clattered in the sink as she washed them.
  • cratered
  • Quartered The map was quartered into four equal sections.
  • scattered The papers were scattered all over the desk.
  • watered

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