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How to spell CARVS correctly?

If you're searching for the correct spelling of "carvs", it may refer to "carves". This verb indicates the act of cutting or shaping with a knife or other tool. However, if you are referring to something else, consider providing additional details for accurate suggestions.

List of suggestions on how to spell carvs correctly

  • CAFES I love to spend my Saturday mornings exploring new cafes in the city.
  • Calves The calves were happily grazing in the meadow.
  • canvas She was amazed by the intricate design the artist had painted on the canvas.
  • cards I'm going to play some cards with my friends tonight.
  • cares
  • Carps
  • cars
  • carts The supermarket had rows of carts available for customers to use.
  • carve The sculptor used his tools to carve a beautiful statue out of marble.
  • carver The carver spent hours carving the intricate design into the wooden figure.
  • carvers The carvers at the festival had a great time.
  • carves He carves sculptures out of wood.
  • cave The dark cave was filled with mysterious and ancient artifacts.
  • caves The caves in this area are some of the most stunning in the country.
  • caws
  • corvus
  • CURS
  • curves The dress accentuated her curves perfectly.
  • GARS I love going to the GARS concert.
  • jars She filled the jars with homemade raspberry jam.
  • Jarvis Jarvis is a nice guy.
  • RVS A red warning sign says "RVS - caution, roads closed.
  • Scarfs During winter, I love to wear scarfs with my jacket to keep myself warm.
  • Scarves I love wearing scarves during the winter months to keep warm.

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