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How to spell CASEL correctly?

If you have mistakenly spelt "casel", fret not! The correct spelling you are searching for could be "castle". This enchanting word evokes grandeur and fairy tales, taking you to a world of kings and queens. So, next time, let your imagination wander through the corridors of a majestic castle.

List of suggestions on how to spell casel correctly

  • asl
  • basel Basel is a beautiful city located in Switzerland.
  • basely He acted basely by betraying his best friend for personal gain.
  • Cal My friend Cal is coming to visit me this weekend.
  • call I need to call my boss about the project deadline.
  • camel The Bedouin rode his camel through the desert, its humps swaying rhythmically with each step.
  • cancel I had to cancel my plans because of the storm.
  • Carl Carl is my neighbor who loves to fix cars.
  • carpel The carpel is the site of eggs and sperm production in female animals.
  • carrel Each study carrel is equipped with an electrical outlet, a light source, and a small storage space.
  • cartel The drug cartel was responsible for the majority of the violence in the area.
  • casals Spanish classical music is often called "the music of the casals.
  • case My laptop got a case of the trots.
  • cased The detective cased the crime scene for any possible clues.
  • casein Casein is an essential protein in milk.
  • cases At the court cases I have to go to, I always feel like a criminal.
  • Casey Sherlock Holmes loves solving cases with his Watson- a young woman named Casey.
  • cask
  • cast The show will be cast on Wednesday night.
  • caste The concept of caste still holds significant influence in some parts of India.
  • caster The caster on the bottom of the chair made it easy for me to move it around the room.
  • castle I'm going to visit my aunt's castle.
  • casual She was dressed in a casual outfit.
  • causal
  • cause The cause of the fire was a faulty electrical wiring.
  • Caused She caused a scene at the party because she was so mad about him not texting her back.
  • Causer The reckless driver was the causer of the accident that led to multiple injuries.
  • causes Lack of sleep causes fatigue and affects overall productivity.
  • chisel I need to get a new chisel because the old one is blunt.
  • easel I am looking for an easel to paint on.
  • gael
  • Kasey Kasey is one of the most talented musicians I know.
  • passel
  • tassel She swayed her hips as the tassel on her jacket bounced back and forth.
  • teasel She used her teasel to clean the dirt off of her shoe.
  • weasel The weasel darted across the yard, hunting for its next meal.

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