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How to spell CASPAASE correctly?

If you meant to type "caspase" instead of "caspaase", here are some correct suggestions. Caspases are a group of enzymes involved in programmed cell death or apoptosis. They play vital roles in regulating various cellular processes. To avoid misspelling, make sure to use the correct term "caspase" while discussing cell death pathways or related research.

List of suggestions on how to spell caspaase correctly

  • appease The teacher tried to appease the student by extending the deadline for the assignment.
  • capable She is a capable and skilled leader.
  • caprese I ordered a fresh and flavorful caprese salad at the Italian restaurant.
  • carapace The turtle's carapace provided a sturdy and protective shield for its fragile body.
  • carpals The carpals in your wrist are small bones that allow for flexibility and movement.
  • casabas I bought some ripe and juicy casabas from the farmers market.
  • Casals The famous cellist, Pablo Casals, captivated audiences with his passionate performances.
  • cascade After days of heavy rain, the waterfall transformed into a powerful cascade.
  • Cascades The water cascades down the beautiful waterfall, creating a mesmerizing view.
  • cascades Water cascades down the rocky cliff, creating a breathtaking waterfall.
  • cascaras The restaurant added a new item to its menu, featuring a delicious dessert made with cascaras, a type of dried citrus peel.
  • cashable The traveler's check was cashable at various currency exchange centers.
  • Caspar Caspar is a compassionate and kind-hearted person.
  • Caspian The Caspian Sea is known for its valuable oil and gas reserves.
  • cassavas I bought cassavas at the market to make a traditional African dish.
  • cassias Cassias, also known as golden shower trees, bloom with vibrant yellow flowers in the spring.
  • castable The smooth texture of the clay made it easily castable into intricate shapes.
  • castrate The veterinarian had to castrate the stray cat to prevent further litters.
  • casuals Casuals often prefer a laid-back dress code for relaxed social gatherings.
  • catalase Catalase is an enzyme found in the body that helps break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.
  • Fastcase Fastcase is a popular online legal research platform used by many attorneys and law students.
  • sparse The sparse population in the rural area contributes to a sense of solitude and tranquility.

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