Correct spelling for CASTIDY

We think the word castidy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for castidy

  • bastardy But my cause is a strong one, it cannot be shaken; and where you hope to brand me with tyranny, you will but visit bastardy upon him.
  • candid Although disguised, it evidently refers to me, and to be perfectly candid with you, I cannot help thinking you wrote it."
  • canted In another moment or two a heavy sea caught her on the starboard quarter, canted her round, and dashed her broadside on to the reef with terrific violence.
  • carotid cin. Internal carotid.
  • cased He saw rows of lighted windows, each cased in shining metal; a V-pointed pilot-house-the same where the still figure had dropped over the sill of the open window-a high-raised rudder of artful curve, vast as the broadside of a barn; railed galleries running along the underbody of the fuselage, between the floats and far aft of them.
  • cast Oh, my king, be merciful, be gracious; cast me not away from you!"
  • castaway By his rejecting her and leaving her, he rendered her not only a runaway, but a castaway.
  • caste The conquerors would, as much as possible, keep the art and mystery of horsemanship hereditary among themselves, and become a Ritterschaft or chivalrous caste.
  • caster The suspension of the IAAF test for hyperandrogenism led to controversy in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, in particular related to the participation and performance of South African middle distance runner Caster Semenya.
  • casting With the exception of a civil sentence or two to the old landlady who sat opposite him knitting, and casting rather uneasy looks from time to time towards the front of the bar, he spoke to no one.
  • castle With castle, 13th cent.
  • castled Not very much, they say, An idle vision made in castled Spain- Well, maybe they are right....
  • castor The heroes might have been scattered at this moment, for Telamon had fallen, tripped by the roots of a tree, and Peleus had had to throw himself upon him to pull him out of the way of danger, if Polydeuces and Castor had not dashed up to their aid.
  • castro Fray Juan de Villagarcia, being already imprisoned, in 1561, declared that he perfectly remembered hearing de Castro mention the sermon preached by Carranza in London, but not that he had been scandalized at it, or that he had said anything which could produce that effect.
  • caustic
  • chastity
  • costly
  • cuspid
  • custard
  • custody
  • masted
  • mastoid
  • pasted
  • study
  • wasted
  • Basted I knew the country whither I was going very well, and it was necessary to hide the money I had in some ingenious way. So I took two waistcoats-one of them was quite good still,-and I sewed them together, and basted the bank-notes between them.
  • Carted And the babes were carted to the railway stations; the cradles, the wards of hospitals and refuges, the wretched garrets of poor mothers, without fires and without bread-all, all were emptied!
  • Coasted
  • Coasting
  • Fasted
  • Hasted
  • Jested
  • Lasted
  • Tasted
  • Castes He introduced, however, a great extension of his predecessor's gospel in making his sect, nominally at least, open to all castes.
  • casts In this district there are numerous fossil shells which have decomposed, having for the most part left only their casts.
  • gusted
  • catted
  • Castillo Cubans who enter the Castillo seldom come out.

103 words made from the letters castidy

4 letter words made from castidy:

disa, sacy, cyst, sayi, acid, sadi, yasi, adit, disc, aidy, dita, dias, iyad, yids, dayt, itsy, stay, said, ayts, scad, tyas, days, isay, sida, tidy, tiya, scat, siya, scid, tays, diat, acts, tsay, sayd, ytis, dayi, cast, city, tayi, cays, aids, cats, sady, dais, syda, sita.

5 letter words made from castidy:

diact, ditsy, adits, sidya, cydia, csaid, daisy, dicts, citys, idyat, asdic, acidy, dasti, diyas, staid, tsadi, cydsa, siyad, itasy, saidy, tcisa, adsit, dacty, ystad, tasci, asity.

3 letter words made from castidy:

dia, cad, sat, dit, cis, sac, dys, aid, tia, dts, dat, cat, day, ida, dis, tic, sty, icy, sad, das, scd, tay, sit, cst, tad, cia, cay, say, sic, tai, act.

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