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How to spell CASULY correctly?

If you meant to type "casualty" but misspelled it as "casuly", fear not! Here are some correct suggestions: casualty, casually, causal, casually, colossal, Caspian, causally. These words can help you convey your intended meaning accurately. Remember to proofread to avoid such typos in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell casuly correctly

  • basely He acted basely by promising to help and then abandoning his friends when they needed him the most.
  • cagily The spy cagily avoided detection as he made his way through the enemy's base.
  • capsule She was given a capsule of medication.
  • Carly Carly is a talented singer who has won many awards.
  • casals
  • Casey Casey's teacher asked him to draw a picture of a house.
  • castle She was visiting a castle.
  • casual
  • casually I picked up a shirt that I liked and put it on casually.
  • casuals Casuals are the perfect attire for a weekend outing with friends.
  • casualty The casualty was killed when the bomb exploded.
  • costly The repair work on the roof turned out to be much more costly than we had anticipated.
  • crassly She acted crassly by ignoring his advances.
  • easily This toy is easily broken.

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