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How to spell CASUS correctly?

If you are trying to spell the word "casus" correctly, you may have mistakenly written "causus" or "cassus". The correct spelling is "casus", which is the Latin word for "case" or "event". To avoid misspelling this word in the future, it may be helpful to practice writing it correctly and consulting a dictionary for reference.

List of suggestions on how to spell casus correctly

  • camus Albert Camus was a philosopher and author known for works such as "The Stranger" and "The Myth of Sisyphus".
  • cars I love to watch the classic cars parade down Main Street every summer.
  • casals The casals were quite a disappointment compared to the caviar.
  • case I need to present my case to the judge in order to convince him to rule in my favor.
  • cases My favorite cases are the ones with cigarettes.
  • casks I filled four casks with fresh water.
  • cassius I am quite cassius about Latin.
  • Castes India is home to a number of castes, which are groups of people with specific social and economic privileges.
  • casts The director casts the actors in the lead roles for the upcoming movie.
  • casuals The store's new line is perfect for those who prefer casuals over business attire.
  • casuist The legal casuist argued that the defendant's actions were not technically illegal.
  • cause The cause of the accident was determined to be the driver's failure to stop at the red light.
  • causes It is important to consider the causes of a problem before trying to solve it.
  • caws The sound of caws filled the air as the murder of crows gathered on the tree.
  • class I have a class at 9am tomorrow.
  • Claus He was a Claus, distributing gifts to the children on Christmas.
  • coasts The coasts of Africa are some of the most beautiful places on earth.
  • crass She was too Crass to notice.
  • cuss
  • Gases The gases inside the balloon are getting released.
  • jesus Jesus is the savior of many Christians.
  • sass She had the sass to say "You're not invited.

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