Correct spelling for CATRINA

We think the word catrina is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for catrina

  • carina "I confess," said Carina humorously, "that, when I trod the slippery paths of youth, I often flopped flat, and made an exhibition of myself.
  • caring This genius was the famed Laennec, of whom we have written in a preceding chapter, who was wont to spend his days walking the wards of the Necker Hospital in Paris, caring more for his poor patients than for the nobility and members of the wealthy classes, who willingly would have taken advantage of his clinical knowledge so conscientiously gained.
  • carting He mowed and mowed on the hillsides, farther and farther out; mowing and turning and carting home loads of hay, as if he would never tire,-for he had a horse already, and a well-stocked farm.
  • catering But the Marshmoreton Arms is a comfortable, respectable hostelry, catering for the village plutocrats.
  • catkin Preliminary Studies on Catkin Forcing and Pollen Storage of Corylus and Juglans-L.
  • czarina To be sure, the marriage did not really count, for she could never be a Czarina because she was not royal, but she was determined to establish her social position as his wife and insisted on keeping him in the country with her at one of the out-of-the-way places.
  • Catting While those who were stationed on the top-gallant forecastle were engaged in catting and fishing the anchor, those who had been assigned to places on the topsail and top-gallant yards were sent aloft.
  • Karina Broken Roads is a 2012 American family drama film written, directed and produced by Justin Chambers alongside producer William Alexander IV and producer/editor Karina Diaz, and starring Sally Kirkland as Wallace Russo and Aidan Bristow as Aldo Russo.
  • Katrina Mrs. Carroll and Katrina cried out in surprise and indignation.
  • Trina Ah, what a dear little woman was this Trina, to keep so quiet, to remember his birthday!
  • Catalina They were now near the east end of the north coast of Cuba, and they stood in to a harbour which the Admiral called Santa Catalina, and which is now called Cayo de Moa.
  • Corina Shailyn Pierre-Dixon plays Zoe Lawton, Deadshot's daughter, and Corina Calderon plays Grace Santana, Diablos wife.
  • Katina According to the Greek Orthodox tradition, the first carpet in Isparta was woven at the end of the 1880s by Katina Styloglou, on a pattern designed by her brother, Iordanis Styloglou.

139 words made from the letters catrina

3 letter words made from catrina:

can, ant, cia, nit, rat, tri, rna, air, cat, ana, art, tin, nrc, tan, ira, tai, ain, tic, tia, iaa, ani, crt, rit, arc, aar, ara, car, act, tar.

5 letter words made from catrina:

cinta, atric, actin, actia, atina, riata, tiran, narai, taani, canta, naira, ictrn, anari, riant, aarti, tarna, trian, rinca, artin, cirta, ratin, cairn, atrai, crati, caria, tiaan, ratna, train, ranat, taian, inara, riaan, arati, cinar, rinat, arani, ratan, taira, canai, ritan, ranta, trani, nitra, antic, iraan, nirta, cania, tinca, tacna, tiara, antai, intar, racin, rinta, racan, carni, citra, arain, raita, arcti, intra, carat, airan.

6 letter words made from catrina:

carina, incata, acinar, traian, ancira, traina, arnica, rianta, arcati, trinca, triaca, nairac, criant, narita, actian, ricana, tirana, cartan, carian, cainta, nactar, carnia, antica.

4 letter words made from catrina:

7 letter words made from catrina:

ratican, anticar.

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