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How to spell CATTER correctly?

If you are trying to spell "cater", here are some correct suggestions: 1) Double-check the word in a dictionary or online to ensure proper spelling; 2) Use spelling and grammar check features in your writing program; 3) Ask someone to proofread your work for errors.

List of suggestions on how to spell catter correctly

  • batter I am going to make a batch of pancakes with this batter.
  • canter The horse began to canter through the fields as the sun set in the distance.
  • Carder My coworker, who is a carder, was able to suggest the right type of paper for our printing needs.
  • carter The carter unloaded his cart and stacked the hay in the barn.
  • cartier My grandmother passed down her vintage Cartier watch to me.
  • caster I need a caster for my rolling cart to make it easier to move around the kitchen.
  • cater The restaurant was able to cater to my vegetarian needs.
  • cather Willa Cather is known for her vivid descriptions of the American frontier.
  • CATT
  • catted
  • cattier As soon as she found out her friend got a raise, her tone became cattier than usual, hinting at her jealousy.
  • catty She always seems to act like a catty girl.
  • chatter After she left, I was able to focus on my work and stop all the chatter in my head.
  • clatter I heard a loud clatter coming from down the hallway.
  • cottar The cottar was quite shocked when she saw the snake slithering around the corner.
  • cotter The mechanic replaced the missing cotter pin to ensure the safety of the machinery.
  • cuter
  • cutter In the kitchen, there is a sharp cutter for slicing vegetables.
  • fatter Jane is fatter than she was last month.
  • gaiter I wore a warm gaiter around my neck to protect me from the cold wind.
  • garter
  • gutter I could hear the sound of rain falling down the gutter.
  • hatter The hatter made a beautiful top hat for the mayor.
  • jotter I couldn't find my notebook, so I pulled out a spare jotter to take down notes.
  • latter He was given the choice between two options and he chose the latter.
  • matter I am wondering what kind of matter your desk is made out of.
  • natter I enjoy a good natter with my best friend over a cup of coffee.
  • patter
  • ratter I've never owned a ratter, but I heard they make excellent pest control.
  • scatter She decided to scatter the birdseed in the garden so the birds would come and visit.
  • tatter She was wearing a drenched tatter.

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