Correct spelling for CAUSINT

We think the word causint is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for causint

  • cabinet Her eye lingered for a moment on a cabinet above the desk, and one might have noticed that her eye was very bright.
  • cant Personally he did not bother his head about the matter which, in secret, he looked upon as one of the ramifications of the great edifice of British cant.
  • carson This hour had been one of nervous excitement to Mary Carson.
  • casein One of the qualities that artists value casein paint for is that, unlike gouache, it dries to an even consistency, making it ideal for murals.
  • casing The casing disappeared, and the yielding porous lining.
  • casino Why does he pitch his tent on the threshold of Monte, if not for the Casino?"
  • cast Frederick cast a dark and contemptuous glance at him.
  • casting Five o'clock found us round a bright fire, all casting ravenous eyes at a smoking supper.
  • casuist Certainly Christianity has no ambition to invade the provinces of the moralist or the casuist.
  • causing Thus admonished, I slung my stone with so good aim that it went bang against the hog's flank as if against the head of a drum; but it had no other effect than that of causing the animal to start to its feet, with a frightful yell of surprise, and scamper away.
  • cosine Two commonly used variants of the bivariate von Mises distribution are the sine and cosine variant.
  • count Wonder if they're plannin' to count me in?"
  • coursing When Mr. Porter, the prize master, assured him of his safety, he threw his arms around his neck, while gushing tears coursing down his furrowed cheek, bespoke the overflowing transport of his soul.
  • cousin "I like my tea at night, and so does your Cousin Lorando.
  • cuisine But most of all, he has praises for the Bohemian cuisine, with its incomparable apple tarts, and its dumplings of cream cheese, and for the magnificent, the overpowering, the ineffable Pilsner of Prague.
  • cursing I wheeled my horse out into the road to Paradise, cursing the "camuel," the bane of our wearied caravan.
  • gaunt
  • jaunt
  • quaint
  • quint
  • saint
  • squint
  • Can't I can't be her mother.
  • Casings The wide, flat casings and single-panel doors seem severe indeed by comparison with most of the earlier doorways with their greater flexibility of line.
  • Casinos In the casinos the lights winked out, and the entertainment machines went dark.
  • Caused The solemnity with which this was uttered caused a silence, during which Mr. Orcutt looked at his watch.
  • Clint " Clint," he announced, "I've got something to tell you."
  • cousins Do you think cousins ought to marry?
  • cussing
  • hasn't
  • wasn't

170 words made from the letters causint

3 letter words made from causint:

anu, ans, tau, uta, tan, sat, cst, sac, icu, sin, sun, ani, usa, utc, cat, cis, uni, ant, cut, tin, cns, ain, tiu, uns, tun, cia, nsu, sit, tai, uca, nsc, nut, tia, nit, tic, sic, act, can.

5 letter words made from causint:

insta, cantu, santu, sucia, causi, iancu, tanui, custa, saint, nuits, tcisa, nucis, canis, scant, cusat, nauti, tasci, ictus, intuc, scuti, actin, aunts, canut, satun, astin, uniat, tsuna, sicut, tuans, incus, tuina, sinta, autin, sutan, sauti, saunt, aitus, cants, cinta, utnsc, suina, cunts, stain, usain, tansu, siuan, staun, uinta, tunic, incut, satin, antic, catus, utans, santi, cutan, actus, sutin, suica, utian, usian, tinca, incas, tinus, cutis, units, tunis, natus, suita, aunis, cuits, asuni, utina, tincu, canst, aints, utica, sunia.

4 letter words made from causint:

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