How to spell CAUST correctly?

We think the word caust is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell caust correctly

  • cart God helped him on again; another year or two, and he has his own horse and cart!
  • case "It will be a case for 'Inasmuch' I know.
  • cased Her tunic, of a deep amber, which well set off her dark hair and somewhat embrowned complexion, swept in ample folds to her feet, which were cased in slippers, fastened round the slender ankle by white thongs; while a profusion of pearls were embroidered in the slipper itself, which was of purple, and turned slightly upward, as do the Turkish slippers at this day.
  • cast You'll feel as if cast on a desert island in that crowd of strangers, with no one to care whether you live or die; and you couldn't live six months on so little."
  • caste It was amusing to see all these high-caste Fijians and old Stivani, the jester, running to and fro with yells of delight like so many children, all on account of a weed which I myself afterwards failed to enjoy.
  • caster Following the case of South African athlete Caster Semenya, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) introduced a now suspended policy to exclude women athletes from competing as women if they have hyperandrogenism, on the ground that the condition could confer an unfair advantage.
  • castor And if Jason held back, Peleus, Telamon, Theseus, Castor, Polydeuces, or any one of the others would undertake it.
  • casuist It might be said that they belong to the casuist school.
  • cat Till der lastd oldt cat be dead, py chiminy!
  • cause Now that we've got the black, I wish that we had let the girls alone, they'll only cause trouble, for old Bracher won't know what to do with them."
  • caustic C-Pure Caustic Potash 100 grammes Distilled Water 1000 c.
  • coast To get to Camaguey, then known as Puerto Principe, we took the steamer at Cienfuegos and journeyed along the coast to Jucaro.
  • cost "Why, it doesn't cost anything," rejoined Clytie.
  • crust He had a vision of an ignominious plunge through the crust and perhaps broken shoes.
  • crusty We had scarcely gone a hundred yards ere a large widgeon rose from behind a bush, and Crusty, who was in advance, brought it down.
  • cst Developed in 1997 by the Costa Rican Tourism Board, the public agency responsible for tourism development and regulation in the country, a voluntary Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program (known as CST) was introduced in order to turn "the concept of sustainability into something real" by "improving the way in which the natural and social resources are utilized, to motivate the active participation of the local communities, and to support the competitiveness of the business sector.
  • curt Jeff's voice was curt, almost gruff.
  • cuss He can't cuss because old Miss Tilly is reading the first act of a play she wrote for Julia Marlowe seven or eight years ago.
  • custer When we rode up to the quarters of Captain Daingerfield Parker, commandant of the post, General Custer dismounted, and his horse was led off to the stables by an orderly, while I went to the scouts' quarters.
  • cut He was cut down at Dieppe.
  • faust The magician Faust took many women as his devotees.
  • guest
  • gust
  • gusto I love the taste of gusto in my food.
  • gusty
  • joust In medieval times, knights would joust to settle disputes.
  • just
  • quest It was Larry's quest to find a new job.
  • Caught Driscoll caught one word from her French.
  • Caused But now came tidings to King Arthur from across the sea, which caused him to return in haste.
  • Causer O lady venus moder of cupyde That in this world hast the gouernance And hertes hye that hawteyn be by pryde Enclynest mekely to thyn obeyssance Causer of Ioye Relees of penance And with thy stremes canst euery thing discer[=n] Thurg[=h] heuenly fire of loue that is eter[=n]
  • cuts If a good Mussulman has had his house whitewashed, he cuts this foolish inscription in the door.
  • casts She casts her eyes upward, the large melting eyes of Andalusia; a chastened sorrow, through which a trembling hope is shining, softens the somewhat worldly beauty of her exquisite and sensitive face.
  • cats No, Mother doesn't like cats very well.
  • cars Great powerful cars rush by here all day and all night, regardless of speed limits.
  • carts The sound of wheels could be heard, carts were coming and going.
  • caws Knott knew that cocks and sprites were foes, And so bought up, Heaven only knows How many, for he wanted crows To give ghosts caws, as I suppose, To think that day was breaking; Moreover what he called his park, He turned into a kind of ark For dogs, because a little bark Is a good tonic in the dark, If one is given to waking; 260 But things went on from bad to worse, His curs were nothing but a curse, And, what was still more shocking, Foul ghosts of living fowl made scoff And would not think of going off In spite of all his cocking.
  • CATT Mr. Catt, tilted back in his chair beside the window, tried to read the city paper, but found his glance wandering constantly to the lonely figure on the steps.
  • CADS I thought Thackeray had done something to demolish similar rubbish when he described the young cads who gave the schoolboy Dobbin the nickname 'Figs.

List of 22 words made from the word caust

3 letter words made from caust:

cat, cst, cut, sat, uca, act, uta, tau, sac, utc, usa.

4 letter words made from caust:

5 letter words made from caust:

custa, catus, actus, cusat.

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