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How to spell CAUZA correctly?

If "cauza" is a misspelling, the correct suggestions could be "cause" or "causa" depending on the intended meaning. "Cause" refers to the reason or motivation for something while "causa" is the Spanish or Portuguese word for "cause".

List of suggestions on how to spell cauza correctly

  • AUA
  • aura The old castle had a mysterious aura that made everyone feel uneasy.
  • AUZ
  • AZA
  • CAA The CAA regulates all civil aviation activities in India.
  • CADA
  • CAFTA CAFTA is the Central American Free Trade Agreement.
  • Caixa
  • calla The bride carried a beautiful bouquet of calla lilies on her wedding day.
  • Canva I used Canva to create a stunning graphic design for my presentation.
  • Capra
  • Cara Cara was thrilled to hear that she got the job.
  • Carla Carla is meeting us at the park this afternoon.
  • CARTA The hotel provided us a map of the city, or "carta" in Spanish, to help us navigate through the unfamiliar streets.
  • CASA
  • CAU
  • caudal The caudal fin of a fish helps with its swimming and maneuvering in water.
  • caulk The handyman used caulk to seal the gaps in the window frames.
  • causal The epidemiologist studied the causal relationships between obesity and diabetes.
  • cause The hurricane caused massive flooding and destruction along the coast.
  • Cayuga Cayuga Lake is one of the longest of the eleven Finger Lakes in upstate New York.
  • Ceuta Ceuta is a Spanish autonomous city in northern Africa.
  • Cruz Senator Ted Cruz is a prominent figure in the United States Congress.
  • CUA
  • Cuba Cuba is known for its warm weather, beautiful beaches, and rich culture.
  • CUZ I can't go to the party tonight, cuz I have to work late.
  • fauna The Galapagos Islands are renowned for their unique fauna and flora, including giant tortoises and marine iguanas.
  • Garza Garza is a surname commonly found in Hispanic cultures, meaning "heron" in Spanish.
  • gauze The doctor wrapped the wound with a layer of gauze to prevent bleeding and infection.
  • gauzy The curtains in the room were made of a gauzy material, allowing just enough light to filter through.
  • Gaza The conflict in Gaza has been ongoing for years, causing immeasurable harm to countless innocent civilians.
  • Hamza Hamza is a popular name in many Muslim countries.
  • Hausa Hausa is the largest ethnic group in Nigeria and one of the largest in West Africa.
  • Laura Laura is planning to go on a road trip next month.
  • Maura Maura is a talented artist who specializes in watercolor portraits.
  • Panza Sancho Panza was the faithful squire of Don Quixote in Miguel de Cervantes' novel.
  • Paula Paula is planning to start her own business.
  • sauna I love sitting in the sauna after a long day at work to relax my muscles.
  • Souza Souza was the first artist I studied in art history class.
  • yakuza The Japanese police are doing their best to crack down on yakuza activities.

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