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How to spell CCASH correctly?

If you meant to type "cash" and accidentally wrote "ccash", there are a few possible suggestions for correcting the misspelling. One option is to simply delete the extra "c". Another is to add a hyphen for emphasis, writing "c-cash". Alternatively, you could rewrite the entire sentence to avoid the misspelled word altogether.

List of suggestions on how to spell ccash correctly

  • ash The campfire left a pile of ash.
  • bash I will bash these data until they make sense.
  • case He carried his laptop in a protective case.
  • cash
  • clash As the clash of fists echoed through the room, it was easy to see that this would not be a fair fight.
  • coach I'm going to need a coach to help me with my calculus test.
  • cosh He has a cosh hanging from his belt.
  • crash The car went off the road and into a tree, causing a loud crash.
  • crush
  • dash I was informed that tickets for the show were sold out, but I saw a dash of light at the end of the tunnel
  • gash I cut my hand on the glass so I need a bandaid for the gash.
  • hash After smoking a joint, I felt like I needed to clean up my hash mess.
  • lash The wind was so strong that it began to lash the trees and buildings.
  • mash I love to mash up potatoes with garlic and butter for a flavorful side dish.
  • nash
  • quash
  • rash
  • sash The beauty queen wore a sparkling sash bearing her title.
  • wash

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