Correct spelling for CCESSION

We think the word ccession is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for ccession

  • Chicken(Definition of chicken)
  • The chicken had dropped pretty close to them.

  • Can(Definition of can)
  • What can i do now?

  • Common(Definition of common)
  • I had no idea-at least i did not understand-" "that i had so much common-sense?"

  • Canoe(Definition of canoe)
  • Then what did you mean by saying we reckoned our canoe was too full?

  • Chin(Definition of chin)
  • He was a very remarkable man in appearance; stout, with a long face, and a scar on his chin.

  • Accession(Definition of accession)
  • The mark had been made for me and the door flung open; the passage, gathering up all the elements of the troubled time, had been itself a scene, quite enough of one, and i had become aware with it of a rich accession of possibilities.

  • Canon(Definition of canon)
  • But he was not then a dean, or even a canon or a reader at lincoln's inn, but simply a country clergyman.

  • Came(Definition of Came)
  • All the little listers came.

  • Cone(Definition of cone)
  • And then, as though his cry had been a signal, the great cone began to move.

  • Cannon(Definition of cannon)
  • Without the report of the cannon no one would be able to tell when the day ended and the night began.

  • Canyon(Definition of canyon)
  • From which it was evident that to chase a lion bound into the canyon and one bound out were two different things.

  • Cane(Definition of cane)
  • "that's himself going there," she added, indicating an unkempt figure limping painfully along the road with the help of a heavy cane.

  • Chain(Definition of chain)
  • Now i'll take off that chain.

  • Chosen(Definition of chosen)
  • Is it not clear that he has chosen?"

  • Communion(Definition of communion)
  • She took her food and medicine from my hand; and i received my first communion with her on the day she died.

  • Casino(Definition of casino)
  • That free round trip ought to be big casino for him.

  • Cocaine(Definition of cocaine)
  • Next, the general line of legislation in the interest of the health of the public, such as pure food and drug laws, and examination for trade or professional licenses; and finally laws protecting the individual against himself, such as liquor and anti-cigarette or anti-cocaine laws.

  • Come(Definition of come)
  • Well, of course, i want 'im to come.

  • Cinnamon(Definition of cinnamon)
  • Hot things should always as soon as possible be united to cold things, so as to restore the proper balance-" "and there's some heavenly stuff called cinnamon-toast-hot, you know, but if you have ice-cream at the same time it won't matter," said anna-felicitas, hanging up his hat for him.

  • Con(Definition of con)
  • Let us now begin a regular question and answer-a little pro and con; letting it interfere as a pleasant method of my coming at your favourite little wants and enjoyments, that i may meet them in a way befitting a brother.

    You're just a feeble con I know what's goin' on

    – Too Late, Too Late by motorhead
  • Coin(Definition of coin)
  • "for which i will pay you well," i replied, taking a coin from my pocket.

  • Cuisine(Definition of cuisine)
  • In endeavouring to analyse the charm of these delightful letters, we may suggest that they gain their special flavour from his talent for compounding them, like a skilful chef de cuisine, out of various materials or intellectual condiments assorted and dexterously blended.

  • China(Definition of china)
  • So i shall try china.

  • Cinema(Definition of cinema)
  • There's a sparrow-hawk's nest in the next tree, and i want to take pictures of it; only i knew the clicking of the cinema business would scare them away probably for hours, so i made a little mechanical contrivance that would go on clicking and let them get used to the noise, so that they'd take no notice when i really went to work.

  • Cousin(Definition of cousin)
  • Look again, cousin roger."

115 words made from the letters ccession

5 letter words made from ccession:

eosin, cisce, nisos, cenci, iness, noise, senio, coses, sosin, icons, scion, ineos, cisne, soins, cions, cones, niess, censo, inose, onces, cocis, scone, cenco, iseco, cesic, soens, eison, conic, ciose, siens, senoi, ensco, cione, cosec, cecin, sonce, socie, sinoe, esson, sonse, isone, necci, sconc, cines, sisno, sinse, coens, seoni, nesci, sones, seson, conse, scien, sison, cisco, ioses, ensis, sonic, sisco, sices.

3 letter words made from ccession:

ion, nec, cio, sen, eon, ecc, ice, iso, cos, nsc, cns, ceo, ies, neo, sin, sos, eos, sic, one, sec, son, cis, icc, sse, sis, con.

4 letter words made from ccession: