Correct spelling for CCHAEAN

We think the word cchaean is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for cchaean

  • Chicken(Definition of chicken)
  • Not that i am chicken-hearted, and i'd stand to my ship as your captain did-ay, and go down with her if needs must; but for all that it is a roughish life, and a terrible trial for them that love you and are left ashore."

  • Can(Definition of can)
  • I can parler a leetle eenglesh, mais pas beaucoup.

    Bet she do anything she can And better than she a give it to another man

    – These Are the Lips by shaggy
  • Common(Definition of common)
  • 13,968. is that a common thing about vidlin?

  • Canoe(Definition of canoe)
  • Canoe edie tonh, grebo.

  • Chin(Definition of chin)
  • Mr. spokesly rubbed his chin.

  • Achaean
  • The phoenicians, in order to maintain their ground against the intruders, had to strengthen their ancient posts or found others-such as carpasia, gerynia, and lapathos on the achaean coast itself, tamassos near the copper-mines, and a new town, qart-hadashat, which is perhaps only the ancient citium under a new name.

  • Canon(Definition of canon)
  • Came(Definition of Came)
  • So we came to prince's, and drew up before the porte-cochere, and found ourselves confronting an adventure.

  • Cone(Definition of cone)
  • The massy perpendicular buttresses, which are ranged round the upper wall, from which they project considerably, lose themselves at their bases in the cone from which they arise.

  • Cannon(Definition of cannon)
  • Shell after shell shrieked over the walls of the fortress, cannon after cannon repeated an unceasing bombardment.

  • Canyon(Definition of canyon)
  • Blocked in the valley, the fire, as if animated by some deadly purpose, crept into the mouth of a brushy canyon and ran uphill with demoniac energy until it was burning fiercely over a benchland to the west of hollister's timber.

  • Cane(Definition of cane)
  • Claire was puzzled while for the moment she gazed at the attitude of her visitor, whose long black hair fell over the collar of his tightly-buttoned surtout, as he stood with one hand resting upon his hip, the other holding his hat and tasselled cane.

  • Chain(Definition of chain)
  • "but where's the gold chain pat glynn told me he had for you from a-'devoted admirer,' no less.

  • Chosen(Definition of chosen)
  • It was precisely what i would have chosen for evie that day.

  • Communion(Definition of communion)
  • As long as we are in peaceful communion among ourselves, there is a fine, invisible cobweb, too clear for mortal sight, spun from mind to mind, which the least breath of discord rudely breaks.

  • Casino(Definition of casino)
  • In the evening, at the time named by her, i repaired to the casino, and obeying all her instructions i reached a sitting-room in which i found my new conquest dressed in a most elegant costume.

  • Cocaine(Definition of cocaine)
  • Yet the pain from such a blow would be as nothing compared to the suffering you might cause her by smoking opium or sniffing cocaine or doing something dishonorable, like forging your father's signature.

  • Come(Definition of come)
  • Lawsey, look wha he come!"

  • Cinnamon(Definition of cinnamon)
  • The cinnamon-tree is indigenous, and is largely cultivated for the valuable bark which it yields.

  • Con(Definition of con)
  • Ruggles, charles h., in constitutional con., 1846, ii. 109; chairman judiciary com., 109; nominated for court of appeals, 184; character of, 184; elected, 189.

  • Coin(Definition of coin)
  • Have i ever expostulated to you upon the janus-coin that is good and evil?"

  • Cuisine(Definition of cuisine)
  • The camel was started off at half-past ten with our beds, bedding, cuisine necessaries, part of the tents, and chairs and table; but, to our disgust, mulai ombach, its driver, stopped short at the bazaar, and there we found them both when we rode through the city.

  • China(Definition of china)
  • The winner received as a prize a grinning little china darky.

  • Cinema(Definition of cinema)
  • Have you seen," he said, "our bookshop, our cinema, and the new memorial porch of our church?"

  • Cousin(Definition of cousin)
  • Wantele was looking at his cousin fixedly.