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How to spell CEASEARS correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "ceasears", fear not! The correct suggestion would be "Caesars", spelling it with an "a" instead of an "e". Caesars Palace, a renowned hotel in Las Vegas, is a perfect example of the correct spelling. So, next time, remember to double-check and go for Caesars!

List of suggestions on how to spell ceasears correctly

  • Caesars Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is famous for its luxurious accommodations and world-class entertainment.
  • cashiers The cashiers at the supermarket were working diligently to scan and bag groceries for the customers.
  • casters The wheels on the bottom of the chair are equipped with casters for easy movement.
  • ceasefires The United Nations is working towards brokering lasting ceasefires in war-torn regions across the globe.
  • ceaseless The ceaseless rain kept us indoors all day.
  • ceases The rain ceases as the storm passes, leaving behind a tranquil sky.
  • censers The temple was filled with the aromatic scent of incense as the priests swung their censers in a rhythmic motion.
  • censures The board of directors censures employees who engage in unethical behavior.
  • Cesare " Cesare was known for his remarkable leadership skills and strategic military tactics."
  • chasers The storm chasers raced toward the tornado to gather data for their research.
  • clashers The clashers battled fiercely in the video game tournament.
  • claviers
  • coasters I love collecting vintage drink coasters from different cities around the world.
  • corsairs The merchant ship was attacked by a group of ruthless corsairs who plundered its valuable cargo.
  • crosiers The bishops carried crosiers as symbols of their authority and pastoral care.
  • easier Using a dishwasher makes washing dishes much easier.
  • Easters We always have a big family gathering and an Easter egg hunt during Easters.
  • feasters The feasters enjoyed a delightful feast at the lavish banquet.
  • leasers The company is in negotiations with potential leasers for the empty office space.
  • measures The government implemented strict lockdown measures to curb the spread of the virus.
  • teasers The movie theater was packed with eager moviegoers waiting to catch a glimpse of the exciting trailers and teasers.

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