Correct spelling for CEASEING

We think the word ceaseing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for ceaseing

  • casein However, in sharp contrast to surfactant micelles, the interior of a casein micelle is highly hydrated.
  • casing The first telephone that came into general use was that of Bell, shown in Fig. 62. In a central hole of an ebonite casing is fixed a permanent magnet, M. The casing expands at one end to accommodate a coil of insulated wire wound about one extremity of a magnet.
  • casino She could not endure the long evenings in the villa, and felt that she must again tempt fortune at the Casino.
  • causing 2052, will fall to meet the half D of the table, and end E will lift from the half C of the table, causing the bar surface to be ground rounding in its length.
  • cease I shall go out more, and I shall read more, and be a different woman, and cease worrying you.
  • ceding Main article: Treaty of Pontotoc CreekIn 1832 after the state of Mississippi declared its jurisdiction over the Chickasaw Indians, outlawing tribal self-governance, Chickasaw chiefs assembled at the national council house on October 20, 1832 and signed the Treaty of Pontotoc Creek, ceding their remaining Mississippi territory to the U.
  • easing
  • reassign
  • sassing
  • season
  • seasoning
  • seeing
  • sensing
  • teasing
  • Basing You're basing a revolt on these cynical premises?
  • Ceased He did not notice the sound of approaching wheels, and that the sound ceased at his door.
  • Ceasing Horses are sometimes killed on the grave of a warrior, but this custom is gradually ceasing, in consequence of the value of their ponies.
  • Chasing The town explored and dinner eaten, of course the next thing was to repair to the beach to watch the rush and tumble of the restless waves, fast chasing each other in, and the dash of the spray as they broke along the shore.
  • Deceasing
  • Leasing
  • ceases I haven't been able to discover when it ceases to be proper for children to be natural.
  • Cessna 1st Combat Crew Training Squadron (later 1st Tactical Airlift Training Squadron): 1 July 1968 – 25 March 1973 7th Space Operations Squadron: 1 January - 1 May 1993 Combat Crew Training Squadron Provisional, 302d: attached 1 April - 1 August 1968 (not operational after 1 July 1968) 355th Troop Carrier Squadron (later 355th Tactical Airlift Squadron): 14 April 1959 – 11 February 1963; 1 September 1975 – 1 April 1981 356th Troop Carrier Squadron (later 356th Tactical Airlift Squadron): 14 April 1959 – 11 February 1963; 1 September 1975 – 1 April 1981 357th Troop Carrier Squadron: 8 May 1961 – 11 February 1963 731st Tactical Airlift Squadron (later 731st Airlift Squadron): 1 April 1985 – 1 August 1992 Stations McChord Air Force Base, Washington, 27 June 1949 – 8 June 1951 Clinton County Air Force Base, Ohio 14 June 1952 Lockbourne Air Force Base (later Rickenbacker Air Force Base), Ohio, 2 August 1971 – 1 April 1981 Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, 1 April 1985 – present Aircraft Fairchild C-82 Packet, 1949 Douglas C-54 Skymaster, 1949-1950 Curtiss C-46 Commando, 1952-1957 Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar, 1956-1973 Cessna U-3 Blue Canoe, 1970, 1971-1972 Lockheed C-130 Hercules, 1970-1971, 1985–present Cessna A-37 Dragonfly, 1970 Fairchild C-123 Provider, 1971-1981 De Haviland Canada C-7 Caribou, 1972 Fairchild UC-123 Provider, 1973-1981

204 words made from the letters ceaseing

3 letter words made from ceaseing:

ese, ain, gas, sea, sag, age, cia, nsc, sen, sic, ecg, see, cns, ies, sac, ans, can, aec, nag, ene, eec, ige, sin, gen, eeg, cis, nee, iga, nec, gee, ice, ani, gin, cgs, sec, nig, ace, ane, gca.

5 letter words made from ceaseing:

acene, cange, igene, nesci, anese, sance, angei, niece, senec, casei, genis, sangi, negai, acing, ganic, aisne, cagni, seang, ganis, cense, sence, ceasg, ganci, genas, eisen, incas, neige, asing, isnae, cangs, seein, gasic, aisen, sinag, necas, saing, siege, isang, anesi, segni, nease, genic, sanei, ganes, giese, sengi, acies, ences, inese, ances, ciena, eigen, sange, eanes, niese, ainge, aegis, cinae, saine, ainee, senia, singe, genea, gcais, seena, gance, cages, siang, siega, agins, cisne, seine, seing, ginas, cines, anise, geens, ansec, gieen, geise, scien, saeng, sigan, sagen, agene, cease, anges, gines, eines, nisga, anies, segan, egans, ciega, scene, anees, canis, incae, senai, segen, isneg, seige.

4 letter words made from ceaseing:

gaen, eega, agni, ages, ease, sane, sign, inec, scen, egna, inca, gene, cage, sage, acne, sein, snag, scag, eang, gain, ngee, egen, eeas, geci, engi, sene, nice, sine, nece, sege, gens, nige, cene, esna, sang, case, ngae, segi, egin, scee, nega, sing, inge, cane, icse, inga, egis, sieg, seen, sian, cain, gien, nagi, scan, ings, enic, gean, cans, nags, cing, ices, eien, asin.

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