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How to spell CEDDED correctly?

If you intended to write "cedded" but realized it was misspelled, there are several possible correct suggestions. Some options include "cedar", "ceded" or "needed". Double-checking spellings and using tools like spellcheck can help avoid these errors and ensure accurate communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell cedded correctly

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  • beaded She wore a beautiful necklace with beaded stones.
  • bedded The hotel offers luxurious rooms bedded with the softest linens for a comfortable stay.
  • Budded The shrub had budded with pretty pink flowers.
  • Carded The bartender carded the young-looking customer to ensure they were of legal drinking age.
  • Ceased The company has ceased operations due to financial difficulties.
  • cede After much argument, the company decided to cede control of the project to the more experienced team.
  • Ceded The territory was ceded to the United States in the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.
  • cedes
  • Celled Plants and animals are both made up of cells, but plants have more well-celled structures.
  • chided The teacher chided the student for not completing his homework on time.
  • Codded
  • CODED The coded message was fractured in transmission.
  • corded I need a corded drill to drill through this hardwood.
  • deeded
  • Eddied The water eddied as the boat's motor churned through the river.
  • feuded Feuded with her ex for years before they finally ended their relationship.
  • Gadded The room was grotesquely gadded with plaster and wire.
  • headed
  • Heeded
  • Herded The herd of cows were herded towards the barn.
  • Kidded I kidded my friend that I didn't remember her birthday, but I actually had a surprise party planned for her.
  • leaded The pipes in the old house were made of leaded metal.
  • lidded The lidded box kept my belongings safe during my move.
  • needed
  • Nodded After agreeing to the deal, she nodded in approval.
  • padded The inside of the suitcase was lined with padded material to protect the fragile items during transit.
  • Podded The peas were harvested and podded before being blanched and frozen.
  • Scudded The boat scudded across the water, propelled forward by the strong wind.
  • seeded I seeded the garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers.
  • Sledded Last winter, we sledded down the hill in the park and had a blast.
  • sodded The lawn was recently sodded with fresh grass.
  • wadded
  • wedded John and Jane are now wedded after a beautiful ceremony.
  • weeded He weeded the garden every weekend to keep it looking tidy.

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