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How to spell CEDITED correctly?

If you find yourself accidentally typing "cedited" instead of "edited", fear not! There are several correct suggestions that can easily rectify this mistake. The most appropriate replacement for "cedited" would be "edited", ensuring your text retains its intended meaning and clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell cedited correctly

  • Audited The company's financial statements were audited to ensure accuracy and compliance with government regulations.
  • Ceded After a long and difficult negotiation, the wealthy businessman ceded control of his company to his son.
  • Cited She cited multiple sources in her research paper to support her argument.
  • credited She was credited with discovering the cure for the disease.
  • edited I edited the report before submitting it to the boss.
  • mediated The company's legal department mediated the dispute between the two employees.
  • reedited The document was reedited to reflect the new information.
  • sedated I feel perfectly sedated after my surgery.

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