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How to spell CEE correctly?

If you meant to type "see" or "sea", those would be the correct spellings. If you meant to use "ce" but are unsure how to continue the word, consider words like "cease", "celery" or "center". Double-checking the context and using an online dictionary can also help ensure proper spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell cee correctly

  • bee
  • ce
  • cede The company has decided to cede control to their CEO.
  • ceo The CEO of the company announced a new partnership with a global organization.
  • Che
  • cree
  • cue The sound of the bell ringing was the cue for the actors to enter the stage.
  • Dee Dee couldn't believe how fast time had flown by since she started working at the company.
  • fee The fee for the membership is due at the end of the month.
  • gee Gee, I didn't realize how much work this project would take.
  • lee
  • nee Sarah Parker, nee Smith, inherited the estate from her aunt.
  • see I can see the sun rising from my bedroom window.
  • tee I need to buy a new tee for the golf course.
  • wee I drank a wee bit too much last night.

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