What is the correct spelling for CEMI?

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Correct spelling for CEMI

We think the word cemi is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for cemi

  • cam Naebody mindit me, an' sae I cam to you, Broonie."
  • ce C'est triste, n'est-ce pas, Mademoiselle?"
  • cebu When news was received of the damage inflicted by the enemy, two Spanish fleets went in pursuit of them-one from the island of Cebu, and the other from that of Panay.
  • cede Should the Mexican Government, in order to accomplish these objects, be willing to cede any portion of their territory to the United States, we ought to pay them a fair equivalent-a just and honorable peace, and not conquest, being our purpose in the prosecution of the war.
  • cell Lift up the largest flag-stone in the second, and you will be conducted through a dark vault to an iron door; draw the bolt, and remain in the cell it will open to you till the owner enters.
  • ceo In the 1980s, at the request of CEO Michael Eisner, the credit union was asked to stop using the name "Disneyland" so the name was changed once again to Partners Federal Credit Union.
  • cert 2BSvs (Biomass Biofuels voluntary scheme) Red Tractor (Red Tractor farm Assurance Combinable Crops & Sugar Beet Scheme) SQC (Scottish Quality Farm Assured Combinable Crops scheme) Red Cert HVO Renewable Diesel Scheme for Verification of Compliance with the RED sustainability criteria for biofuels Gafta Trade Assurance Scheme KZR INIG System Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops Universal Feed Assurance Scheme The European Commission on Energy has criteria established on the use of biofuels for aviation in the EU.
  • ci Square du Roule No.5. Suspected of harbouring traitors and ci-devants.
  • cm For this the board would be cut to size, back and front-1 cm.
  • coma To appreciate the propriety of this classification, it must be well understood that the coma present is not due to cerebral congestion.
  • comb Also the day before we started I spent an hour or so on him with a fine comb, with gratifying results.
  • come I am not come to talk of him.
  • demo Raise the Alarm" – 3:37 "Faith" ( Demo) – 2:38
  • em And you came away as soon as Em went to school?
  • emir Tancred pursued till nightfall the sultans of Aleppo and Damascus and the emir of Jerusalem.
  • emu Thus in Australia "no man of the Emu stock might marry an Emu woman; no Blacksnake might marry a Blacksnake woman, and so forth."
  • fermi are the Fermi levels of A and B, M(E) is the number of propagating modes in the channel, f (E) is the deviation from the equilibrium electron distribution (perturbation), and T(E) is the transmission probability (T=1 for ballistic).
  • gem How could this gem, which was surely on its way to Alexandria, have found its way into the Jew's hands?
  • hem They grasp Thy garment's hem, and trustful, eager, clasp, With outstretched arms, Thy branching palms.
  • heme hemolysis, heme-binding protein, and alkaline protease), heme, hydrolytic enzymes, S-layer proteins, competence factors, toxins, antibiotics, bacteriocins, peptide antibiotics, drugs and siderophores.
  • memo [lower-alpha 33] In an August 1919 memo Balfour acknowledged the inconsistency among these statements, and further explained that the British had no intention of consulting the existing population of Palestine.
  • mi W Buffalo, 1; 9 mi.
  • noemi Bar Noemi raised his avenging hand for the eighth time, and cried with a deeply sorrowful voice-
  • rem t. 1, pp. 38 and 396, from the Chronicle of Edessa: likewise Kohlius, Introductio in historiam et rem literariam Sclavorum, p. 316. Aitonaviae, A. D. 1729.
  • semi Each, however, is Semi-Saxon.
  • Came The girl came nearer.
  • meme L'amitie de vous envers moi me pardonnera touts le fauts contre la langue francaises, mais la hate ou j'ecris la lettre, ce peu d'exercice et dans ce moment meme sans dictionnaire francais tout cela m'attire surement encore moins de critique qu'en ordinairement.
  • Como Ian turned upon the rock above Como.
  • Celia "All right," agreed Celia in a breath; "I'll tell mamma I'm going.
  • Mimi That evening, on returning home, Rodolphe said to Mimi- "There is something new.
  • Tami tami - Chinese-made broadcloth.
  • Jami Sheikh Ahmad-e Jami, Persian Sufi and Sufi writer Alexius I Comnenus, Byzantine Emperor (d.
  • semis Walking through suburbia, others might see faded semis, but Paul Barker sees an amazing adaptability.
  • CHM Mervyn John Byers FTCL ARCO (CHM) FRSCM (Hon) (23 March 1924 – 2 March 2011) was an Australian organist and composer.
  • DEM Dere must be ten thousand ob dem.
  • FEM FEM Business & Finance: FEM top 100 most powerful officials, Cor Boonstra (Dutch website - link broken)↑ NRC Handelsblad, E.
  • comm D ( EWHC 1541 ( Comm)) is an example of a Bermuda Form arbitration which was the subject of an appeal.
  • CECA Artists signed to City Records, or who had been in the past, include: Alen Islamović(1999;2013-present) Aca Lukas(2010-2013) Alka Vuica(2001-2013) Adil(2010-present) Acapulco Band (2007-present) Jurica Pađen (2013) Akustična soba(2007) Adnan Babajić(2011) Aleksandar Živanović(2015-prensent) Aleksandra Perović(2007-present) Aleksandra Radović(2003-present) Amadeus Band(2003-2015) Ana Nikolić(2003-present) Ana Milenković(2010-present) Ana Stanić(2003) Anabela Atijas(2009-2015) Andrej Ilić(2011) Baki B3(2000-2007, 2010-present) Beat Street(1997-2000, 2014-present) Beso De Loco Band(2014-present) Biber(2004, 2016-present) Boris Novković(2003-present) Boban Rajović(2000, 2010-2013) Bojan Bjelić (2003, 2013) Bojan Marović(2011-present) Boki 13(2012) Boris Režak(2003-present) Ceca Ražnatović(2001, 2013-present) Ceca Slavković (1999-2003) Ćemo(2013-present) Charter(2013-present) Colonia(2003-2010, 2013-present) Crvena jabuka(2002-2011) Cvija (2011-2015) Dado Glišić (2005-present) Dado Polumenta(2013-present) Dado Topić(2005) Dana Karić(2010-present) Danijel Đokić(2001-2005, 2012-present) Danijel Đurić(1999-2003, 2012-2014) Danijel Pavlović(2011-2016) Danijela Karić(2014-present) Danijela Martinović(2003-present) Danijela Vranić(2011-present) Danilo Živković (2015-present) Dara Bubamara(2013-2014, 2016-present) Darija Stanojević(2011-present) Darko Radovanović(2005-2011) Davor Jovanović (2013-2014) Dino Merlin(2004-2009) Dragana Mirković(2016-present) Duck(1998-2003) Dunja Ilić(2011-2013) Dženan Lončarević(2007-present) Đogani (2001-2013) Elena Risteska(2007) Elena Todorović(2007-2015) Ella(2012-present) Ella B(1998-2004) Električni Orgazam(1999) Emina Jahović(2002-2005, 2012-present) Energija (1999-present) Fantastic Band(2013-present) Feeling(2014-present) Flamingosi (2005-2016) Funky G (1999-2001, 2002-present) Gabrijela Pejčev (2015-present) Gala (1999-2006) Goca Tržan (2001, 2008-present) Goga Sekulić (2000, 2004, 2013-present) Goran Bregović (2012) Goran Karan (2008-present) Gru(2002-2009) Halid Beslic (2010-present) Hari Mata Hari(2009-present) Haris Džinović(2010-present) Igor Starović (2008-present) Igor Vukojević (2001, 2014-present) In vivo (2011-present) Indira Radić (2015-present) Ivana Gavrilović (2001-present) Ivan Kurtić (2015-present) Ivan Plavšić (2009, 2014-present) Ivana Banfić (2003) Ivan Ćosić (2002,2013-present) Ivana Jordan (2000) Jadranka Barjaktarović (2015-present) Jasna Gospić (2004-present) Ivana Brkić (2003) Jadranka Barjaktarovic (2016-present) Jami (2006) Jellena (2001-present) Jelena Karleuša (2005-2013) Jelena Rozga (2006-present) Jelena Tomašević (2008-present) Kaliopi (2008-present) Kao Kao Band (2013-2016) Karma (2001-present) Karolina Gočeva (2003-present) Katarina Sotirović (2007-present) Katarina Ostojić Kaya (2006) Kemal Monteno (2003) Koktel Band (2002-2004, 2010) Ksenija Mijatović (1998-present) Ksenija Pajčin (2001-2010) Knez (1998-present) Lana (2003,2010, 2014-present) Leo(2000-present) Leontina (1998-present) Lexington Band (2010-present) Ljupka Stević (2012-present) Love Hunters (2002) Luna (2001-2006,2009-2014,2017-present) Magazin (2002-present) Maya Berović (2012-present) Magnifico (2004-2008) Maja Marković (2010-present) Maja Milošević (2015-present) Maja Nikolić (2008-present) Mari Mari (2004-present) Marija Šerifović (2003-2015) Marijana Zlopaša (2010) Marina Perazić (1998) Marina Tadić (2008-2015) Marina Visković (2012-present) Marko Bulat (2013) Marko Đuroviski (2006-present) Marko Nikolić (2007) Marko Žujović (2013) Marko Šabanović (2016-present) Martin Vučić (2005) Massimo Savić (2006-present) Maya Sar (2013-present) Mega Bend (2011-2016) Mia Borisavljević (2012-2014,2016-present) Miki Perić (2014-present) Milan Stanković (2014-present) Milena Vućić (2007-2014) Miligram (2010, 2013-present) Milioš Radovanović (2015-present) Minea (2003) Minja Samardžić (2015-present) Mira Škorić (2000,2015) Mirko Gavrić (2012-present) Mišo Kovač (2006) Moby Dick (1998, 2003-present) Models (band) (2001-2004, 2014-present) Nataša Bekvalac (2001-present) Neda Ukraden (2009-2014) Nedeljko Bajić Baja (2014-present) Negative (2004-present) Nemanja Stevanović (2010-2012) Nenad Cvijetić (2012-present) Neverne Bebe (2012-present) Nikolija (2013-present) Nina Badrić (2003-2006, 2011-present) Nino Rešić (1998) Ognjen Amidžić (2005-present) Ognjen Radivojević (2010) OK Band (1999-2017) Oliver Dragojević (2002-present) Oliver Mandić (2001,2006) Osvajači (2002,2011) Pavle Dejanić (2015-present) Petar Grašo (2003-present) Piloti (2012-present) Plavi orkestar (1998) Projekat Band (2012-present) Regina (2000,2012-present) Renato Henc (2013-2016) Riblja Čorba (2007-present) Romana (1999-2015) Sandra Afrika (2016-present) Šaban Šaulić (2016-present) Šako Polumenta (2013-2015) Saša Kovačević (2006-present) Saša Vasić (2002, 2009) Seka Aleksić (2015-present) Selma Bajrami (2014) Sergej Ćetković (2005-present) Severina (2002-2008, 2011-present) Sha-ila (2000-2004) Slađa Delibašić (2001-present) Slavica Ćukteraš (2015-present) Slobodan Radanović (2015-present) Snežana Nena Nešić (2013-present) Tamara Filipović (2012) Tanja Banjanin (2010) Tanja Savić (2014) Tap 011 (2001-2003) Teodora Baković (2012-present) Teška Industrija (2011-present) Tijana Dapčević (2002-present) Tonči Huljić (2008-present) Tony Cetinski (2003-2007, 2012-present) Toše Proeski (2006-2007) Tribal band (2009-present) Trik Fx (1999-2006, 2009-2014, 2016-present) Tropico Band (2006-present) Twins (1999-2005) Valentino (2001-present) Vesna Pisarović (2002-2006) Viki Miljković (2012-2016) Zana (2001-present) Zdravko Čolić (2004-present) Željko Bebek (2009-present) Željko Joksimović (1999-present) Željko Samardžić (2001-present) Željko Šašić (1999, 2001, 2014-present) Željko Vasić (2012-2016) Zorana Pavić (1999-present) Zorica Brunclik (2015-present)
  • CERF The "faculty" included Baldwin, Bennett Cerf, Bergen Evans, Bruce Catton, Mignon G.
  • CHEM Torisawa, Yasuhiro; Okabe, Hiromitsu; Ikegami, Shiro (1984), "Efficient Inversions of Secondary Alcohols using Cesium Acetate and 18-Crown-6", Chem.
  • CHEMO In the Marvel Age Universe, the Living Brain (radically redesigned, with a humanoid shape somewhat similar to the DC Comics character Chemo) appears in a more modern re-telling of its original appearance in the comics.

3 words made from the letters cemi

3 letter words made from cemi:

mei, ice, ecm.

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