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How to spell CENTET correctly?

The correct spelling for "centet" is "center". To avoid misspelling, make sure to double-check the spelling before typing or writing. You can also use spell-check features on your computer or mobile device to correct the spelling automatically.

List of suggestions on how to spell centet correctly

  • canted The picture hanging on the wall was canted slightly to the left.
  • cent I found a penny on the ground, which is one cent.
  • center The conference will be held at the convention center.
  • centers The city has several community centers that offer diverse programs and services.
  • centre
  • centred She centred herself before the exam by taking deep breaths and visualizing success.
  • CENTS I only have a few cents left in my jar.
  • dented
  • Rented She rented a movie to take the edge off.
  • scented The room was scented with lavender candles.
  • septet The concert featured a talented septet of musicians playing classical music.
  • Tented The family pitched a tented campsite by the lake for their weekend getaway.
  • vented

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