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How to spell CERMAN correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "cerman", fear not! The correct word you are searching for is likely "German". Don't worry about the error, as typos happen to the best of us. Simply substitute the incorrect spelling, and you'll land safely on the correct term to refer to anything related to Germany or its people.

List of suggestions on how to spell cerman correctly

  • airman
  • barman
  • caiman The caiman swam quietly through the murky water.
  • Carmen Carmen is my neighbor who loves to bake and always brings over delicious treats.
  • cayman The cayman sunning itself on the riverbank was a rare sight for tourists visiting the Amazon rainforest.
  • Cermet She used a cermet to weld the pieces together.
  • certain I know that you are certain to be late.
  • cowman
  • german My friend is learning German and plans to visit Germany next year.
  • germane My question is germane to the topic we are discussing.
  • germany Germany is a country located in Europe.
  • herman My parent's friend, Herman, is coming to dinner.
  • iceman A stranger wearing a heavy coat and hat walked up to me and asked if I was an iceman.
  • Lehman There is a Lehman Brothers office on Wall Street.
  • merman There was a surprise appearance by a merman in the pool.
  • Mermen The folklore of many cultures includes stories of mermen - half-human and half-fish beings who inhabit the waters.
  • newman My boss is a newman.
  • norman After meeting Norman, I felt as if I had known him forever.
  • permian The permian period is characterized by a number of important changes in Earth's biosphere.
  • seaman The captain assigned the seaman to steer the ship through the storm.
  • sermon This sermon is about the dangers of online addiction.
  • sherman
  • vermin The house was infested with vermin such as rats and cockroaches.
  • yeoman One of the most important yeoman roles in a business is to help with day-to-day operations.

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