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How to spell CESETRACTION correctly?

If you meant "Cesetraction", it is likely a misspelling. The correct suggestion could be "centrifaction", which refers to the process of separating substances through centrifugal force. Another possibility is "detractison", a made-up term related to detracting or taking away from something.

List of suggestions on how to spell Cesetraction correctly

  • Abstraction The artist used various colors and shapes to create an abstraction of the natural world.
  • Castration Castration is a surgical procedure used to remove or sterilize the reproductive organs of male animals.
  • Celebration We held a grand celebration to honor their achievements.
  • Cerebration Deep cerebration is required in order to solve complex mathematical problems.
  • Contraction Her doctor explained that the contraction would help move her baby into position for delivery.
  • Desecration The vandalism of the historical monument was a blatant act of desecration.
  • Destruction The tornado left a path of destruction in its wake, leveling homes and uprooting trees.
  • Detraction The politician's detraction of his opponent's character only served to further damage his own reputation.
  • Distraction Using my phone while studying is a major distraction.
  • Extraction The dentist performed an extraction of the patient's wisdom tooth.
  • Penetration The spy's mission involved infiltrating the enemy's base to gather valuable information through penetration of their secure networks.
  • Restriction There is a restriction on the number of guests allowed at the party due to limited space.
  • Retraction The newspaper issued a retraction for the false information it had previously published.

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