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How to spell CETERS correctly?

The correct spelling for "ceters" is "centers". Suggestions for correcting this misspelling include using spell-check, referring to a dictionary or proofreading the writing before submission. Another helpful tip is to practice spelling commonly misspelled words to improve accuracy.

List of suggestions on how to spell ceters correctly

  • casters The heavy-duty cart was equipped with durable casters for easy maneuverability.
  • caters
  • cedars The cedars of Lebanon are a famous forest.
  • cedes
  • centers The city has several community centers where people can gather for events and activities.
  • ceres The goddess of fertility, abundance, and the hunt, Ceres is the Roman goddess of agriculture.
  • cetus
  • cheaters The teacher caught several students as cheaters in the examination hall.
  • ciders I usually drink ciders with my pork roast.
  • cites Claude cites the book "The Catcher in the Rye" as his favorite novel.
  • deters The presence of surveillance cameras deters criminals from committing crimes in the area.
  • eaters At the dinner, there were a lot of eaters.
  • esters I am trying to find the esters in the chemical.
  • festers The chicken festers in the hot sun.
  • jesters The jesters entertained the court with their humorous performances.
  • meters
  • pesters I can't get away from the pesters at the shopping mall.
  • Peters Please give me your Peters.
  • scepters
  • SEERS The seers could see the future.
  • setters The hunters relied on their trusty setters to detect the scent of birds.
  • testers Testers evaluate software for potential bugs and errors before its release.

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