Correct spelling for CFOOLLW

We think the word cfoollw is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for cfoollw

  • call They gave the peasants liberty to call a meeting at that place for Third-day, the 18th.
  • callow Those who have looked in his poetry for something else than poetry, or for poetry of some other kind, have not been slow to assert that he was a lady's poet; one who satisfied callow youths and school-girls by uttering commonplaces in graceful and musical shape, but who offered no strong meat for men.
  • claw Strange as it may seem, the giant, though afraid of nothing human and brave when it came to a hand-to-claw argument with a wild animal, had a very great fear of the water and the unseen life within it.
  • clew The recognition of such a gift generally brings with it the knowledge of the conditions which it needs for its complete unfolding; and when that discovery is made a man holds the clew to the solution of the problem of his life.
  • coal But the source of this power is not without limit, and the coal-mines of the world may ultimately be exhausted.
  • cobol The powerful Burroughs COBOL compiler was also a one-pass compiler and equally fast.
  • coil So I asked him if I might take a look at his coil points.
  • col 150, 163. Jackson, Col.
  • cola COLA also factors in local taxes, including taxes on such things as Privately Owned Vehicles for a specific duty location in calculating the cost of living in a particular area.
  • cole "Mr. Cole," said she, "you must give me your sacred promise that so far as you are concerned, it shall never come out at all!"
  • collar He tightened his hold on the collar as he gave the command.
  • collie " Collie, they've got the proof.
  • color Every vestige of color left his face.
  • colour Lord Harry lost his temper, and with it his colour.
  • cool The moon, at least, looked cool.
  • cooler "Mamma can comfort her," she thought to herself, as she emptied the pitcher which Sarah had filled a few minutes before, and refilled it with water a shade cooler.
  • coolie If I can get the job, I makee much cash; if not, then perhaps one catchee die, and get one piecee coffin, as Johnny Coolie might say.
  • coolly "That way lies wisdom," he told her coolly.
  • corolla Corolla funnel form, its four lobes spreading, rounded, fringed around ends, but scarcely on sides.
  • cowl His forehead was high and bald; the few locks that remained at the back of the head were concealed by a sort of cowl, which made a part of his cloak, to be raised or lowered at pleasure, and was now drawn half-way over the head, as a protection from the rays of the sun.
  • criollo Mission burrito can be made with stewed and shredded beef (machaca) Pabellón criollo is a shredded beef stew served with a plate of rice and black beans that is considered by many to be Venezuelas national dish In Mexico, picadillo is made with shredded beef.
  • cull He was fond of poetry, and his voluminous scrap-books contained many gems, from one of which we cull the following verses, said to be his especial favorites.
  • fall Do you want to fall in again?"
  • fallow Perhaps none of us know what might be forced, against our natural indolence, from the fallow ground of our capabilities in many lines.
  • fell He mumbled and muttered; he sank back in his chair; he chuckled; he hiccupped; he fell asleep.
  • fellow You are a sharp fellow.
  • fill Mr. Dayman and Mr. Longfellow fill up the twenty-eight lines.
  • flaw With the revelation of the flaw in her armor he conquered self.
  • flow When his young ear strove to listen and to distinguish sounds, he heard the monotonous ebb and flow of the sea upon the rocks, as regular as the swinging of a pendulum.
  • foal When night fell the Prince led out the mare and her foal to a grassy meadow.
  • focal Focal degenerative lesions are, however, found in the abdominal aorta.
  • focally
  • foil
  • follow
  • folly
  • fool
  • foul
  • foully
  • fowl
  • full
  • scofflaw
  • Flew Molly flew to him, and flung her arms tightly round his neck.
  • CFO In a press release announcing the purchase, Turner president of sales, distribution, and sports David Levy cited the site's rapid growth and loyal user base as key factors in his company's decision to make a deal—and also alluded to the potential value of Bleacher Report's multimedia platform as an outlet for Turners various video resources: As part of the integration process, Athertons CFO responsibilities were assumed by Turner corporate in February 2013, and Grey stepped down from the CEO position in October 2013.
  • Coll Coll., 45:336, June 15.
  • FOL
  • COLO Aspinall resumed the practice of law, was a resident of Palisade, Colo.
  • FOLL

30 words made from the letters cfoollw

4 letter words made from cfoollw:

3 letter words made from cfoollw:

coo, owl, col, low, ofo, cow, woo, loo.

5 letter words made from cfoollw:

folco, woolf, follo, wollo, wolof, collo.

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