Correct spelling for CHAEAN

We think the word chaean is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for chaean

  • Chicken(Definition of chicken)
  • Why, maybe the chicken promised to come back that night and pay up.

  • Can(Definition of can)
  • "you can leave me, renny.

    Them people rollin', so I gotta do what I can I gotta pound of that sand I picked up from the man

    – I Did That by juvenile
  • Common(Definition of common)
  • There's nothing more common with small genius's and small judges, than to demand of all criticks to write themselves before they criticise upon others writings.

  • Canoe(Definition of canoe)
  • Paoa and the owner of the new canoe grew very bitter towards each other over it.

  • Chin(Definition of chin)
  • He was as obstinate as his chin could make him.

  • Achaean
  • Asterius and amphion, sons of hyperasius, came from achaean pellene, which once pelles their grandsire founded on the brows of aegialus.

  • Canon(Definition of canon)
  • Came(Definition of Came)
  • Let me tell you who i was, and how i came to be what i am."

  • Cone(Definition of cone)
  • They could only crawl up the cone.

  • Cannon(Definition of cannon)
  • This was during a most fearful thunder-storm, so furious that with difficulty could ammunition be kept at all serviceable, and the roar of cannon could scarcely be heard a half dozen miles away.

  • Canyon(Definition of canyon)
  • The lion was running straight from the canyon, and the certainty that he must sooner or later take to a tree, brought from me a yell of irresistible wild joy.

  • Cane(Definition of cane)
  • Sir john's words did not carry conviction with them, for it was strange that if the captain were coming to meet them, he should be running in a very peculiar manner, with his fists clenched and his eyes bent upon the ground; and, in fact, as he reached something white, which proved to be a pocket handkerchief tied to a cane stuck in the ground, he turned suddenly, and ran off in the opposite direction.

  • Chain(Definition of chain)
  • Proceeding southwards the general elevation of the chain drops steadily.

  • Chosen(Definition of chosen)
  • He remembered only their long years of comradeship and the tragedy which loomed over the life of his chosen friend.

  • Communion(Definition of communion)
  • If all this force is put into one's daily toil, there is none left for helpful conversation, for sympathetic communion at home, for uplifting reading, or for worship.

  • Casino(Definition of casino)
  • It took nearly all she had to settle the bill, but, as madame remarked gayly, mademoiselle had left herself enough for an evening game at the casino.

  • Cocaine(Definition of cocaine)
  • Among biological substances, cane sugar, milk sugar, mannite, hippuric acid, asparagin, r-tartaric acid, l-malic acid, vanillin, cocaine, atropin, benzoic acid, and many others show triboluminescence.

  • Come(Definition of come)
  • You-you mustn't come here!

  • Cinnamon(Definition of cinnamon)
  • You may boil bruised sticks of cinnamon in the cream, and in the sack, before you mingle them.

  • Con(Definition of con)
  • They shall behold teiresias telling the doom of thebes, and con with eyes but not with lips the crass way in which oedipus went on.

  • Coin(Definition of coin)
  • Duc'at, a gold coin worth about $2.00. 6. de-fault'er, one who fails to account for public money intrusted to his care.

  • Cuisine(Definition of cuisine)
  • Let no one, i say, fear the rank cookery so much imagined of the peninsula, the oil, the pepper, the kid and the like strange meats; as in all other countries of europe, even england itself, there is a local version, a general convention of the french cuisine, quite as good in spain as elsewhere, and oftener superabundant than subabundant.

  • China(Definition of china)
  • 40. 79. lamb's old china, etc.

  • Cinema(Definition of cinema)
  • I suspected a false idea of this rude life had been given by the cinema dramas.

  • Cousin(Definition of cousin)
  • Now, both the father and daughter are sweet to 'their dear cousin,' and very kind to me-to please him, of course.