Correct spelling for CHAGRES

We think the word chagres is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for chagres

  • caress Some of her friends would be coming to talk over the party; there would be callers; there was the summer-house, her hammock, her phaeton; there were nooks and seats, cool, fragrant; there were her mother and grandmother to prattle to and caress.
  • caries Tooth demineralisation that leads to dental caries; see Remineralisation of teeth Demineralizing (silk worm cocoon) Deionization Desalination
  • chagrin I think of this with the utmost shame and chagrin."
  • shakers
  • Carries Hugot is helping him, and carries the basket containing their food.
  • shares
  • Chris Mrs. Wiggs carried his head, while Billy Wiggs and Mary and Asia and Chris officiated at his arms and legs.
  • Chancres Chancres typically exude serum, whereas chancroid typically have a grey or yellow purulent exudate Chancres have a hard (indurated) base with sloping edges, whereas chancroid have a soft base with undermined edges Chancres heal spontaneously within three to six weeks, even in the absence of treatment Chancres can occur in the pharynx as well as on the genitals.
  • Charges She came up the broad steps, on a certain appointed day in August, leading her charges into Mistress Mary's presence.
  • Chiggers The best known of the Trombiculidae are the chiggers.
  • agrees The other workman, meeting with a machine which he can buy for two hundred pounds, agrees to pay for it a hundred pounds immediately, and the remainder at the end of a twelvemonth.
  • cares Who cares for a year more or less?"
  • scares
  • cures Dowie's cures were largely of similar affections, and patients sometimes dropped their crutches and walked straight who could not walk before.
  • cores As we have seen, the only reason for employing long cores is to afford the requisite length for winding the wire which is necessary for carrying the needful circulation of current to force the magnetism across the air gaps.
  • chores He went out and fed the fowls for Aunty Rose and did the other chores.
  • sharers
  • chokers Chokers were popular into the 1920s and again in the 40s as colliers de chien.
  • chargers After a gallant struggle in which the natives threw themselves fearlessly on the horse men, endeavoring to tear them from their saddles, they were obliged to give way before the repeated shock of their chargers.
  • on-course
  • enlivenments
  • ennuied
  • impoundments
  • impressivenesses
  • improperlying

137 words made from the letters chagres

3 letter words made from chagres:

ecg, esr, car, ash, sac, hcg, cgs, sha, gas, cer, are, ear, res, age, sag, erg, hag, arc, rag, era, gar, gca, ras, sec, aec, sea, gsr, ace.

4 letter words made from chagres:

5 letter words made from chagres:

gesch, grahe, crags, scare, acres, garce, schea, chase, reagh, sehra, grech, acher, hercs, gache, serag, scher, hearg, saher, gresh, grace, cares, schar, scrae, hesar, creag, cager, chega, arges, serch, rasch, geras, share, serga, ceras, hears, regas, hegar, sager, sacer, ceasg, grach, reach, chesa, ecrha, hares, crash, gears, agers, scrag, geach, aesch, asger, seach, cages, shaer, gesar, shear, gersh.

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