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How to spell CHALCYS correctly?

The correct spelling for "chalcys" could be "chalcis", "chalices" or "chalices". It is important to double-check the spelling and use a reliable dictionary to ensure accuracy in written communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell chalcys correctly

  • chalets The ski resort had a variety of accommodations, including cozy chalets nestled in the mountainside.
  • chalices The priests used the golden chalices during the ceremony.
  • chalks Sarah used different colored chalks to draw a beautiful picture on the blackboard.
  • chalky The walls of the old building were covered in a chalky residue, indicating years of neglect and decay.
  • challis The challis used in the royal coronation was made of pure gold.
  • chances There are chances that it may rain tonight.
  • chancy Investing in the stock market is a chancy endeavor that requires careful consideration and a tolerance for risk.

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