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How to spell CHANSES correctly?

If you accidentally type "chanses" instead of "chances", fear not! Here are some possible spelling alternatives to consider: "changes", "chants", "cheeses" or "chases". Remember to proofread your work to ensure accurate spelling and help convey your intended message effectively.

List of suggestions on how to spell chanses correctly

  • chaises The luxurious hotel had an array of comfortable chaises arranged near the pool for the guests.
  • chance I didn't get a chance to finish my homework because I had to rush to soccer practice.
  • chancels The church's chancels were beautifully decorated with intricate carvings and stained-glass windows.
  • chances There are always chances to improve yourself, take them.
  • changers
  • changes I need to make some changes to my plans.
  • channels I usually watch educational channels on TV.
  • chanters The chanters at the festival enchanted the audience with their mesmerizing melodies.
  • chants The crowd got louder as they began to chants their team name.
  • chases My dog chases the squirrel around.
  • chassis The car's strong chassis provided a stable and durable foundation for the body and engine.
  • Cheeses I love to try different types of cheeses from around the world.
  • chines
  • chooses Every day, she chooses to wake up with a positive attitude.
  • manses The farmer's daughter washes the manses.

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