Correct spelling for CHAPARONE

We think the word chaparone is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for chaparone

  • chaperon Your job is to be my chaperon and entertain Miss Sumner, who from all accounts is most brilliant and fascinating."
  • chaperone She is my cousin; besides there is a chaperone, Mrs. Haigh, or I'll call in the cook.
  • charon The concern which Charon showed, drew tears from many; but all protested vehemently against his supposing any one of them so mean-spirited and base, at the appearance of approaching danger, as to suspect or blame him; and therefore, desired him not to involve his son, but to set him out of harm's way; that so he, perhaps, escaping the tyrant's power, might live to revenge the city and his friends.
  • Chaperoned She feared to be more trouble than assistance to Sir Lionel, and as he was my guardian, I was sufficiently chaperoned by him; any expert in etiquette would confirm her in that opinion, she anxiously added.
  • Chaperonage In the essentials he had changed so little since the days when as a youth of twenty spending his vacations at the rectory he used to give the lonely girl at the manor so much pleasure by coming up to her school-room tea; and when it proved possible to dispose of her governess's chaperonage and be by themselves, what delightful times they used to have, sitting on the hearth-rug, roasting chestnuts and discussing the many subjects which were of mutual interest.
  • chaperones The Thorpes and James Morland were there only two minutes before them; and Isabella having gone through the usual ceremonial of meeting her friend with the most smiling and affectionate haste, of admiring the set of her gown, and envying the curl of her hair, they followed their chaperones, arm in arm, into the ballroom, whispering to each other whenever a thought occurred, and supplying the place of many ideas by a squeeze of the hand or a smile of affection.
  • chaperons They returned, in the intermissions, to chaperons complacent or secretly disturbed, where they had, principally, refrescos; but their attitude was one of progress and conscious, patronizing superiority to old-fashioned customs.
  • cold-bloodednesses

466 words made from the letters chaparone

3 letter words made from chaparone:

crp, ara, ceo, hap, epa, eon, ern, nrc, pro, car, cap, cpa, prc, apc, par, hao, nec, hop, apr, oca, poe, ane, rep, hep, arp, nap, rap, arc, ron, cer, oar, aec, poa, ear, rna, cro, aar, one, roc, han, per, neo, era, ore, roe, cpr, are, ape, cop, pen, ana, hen, pea, pac, pre, con, ace, hoe, rho, pan, can.

4 letter words made from chaparone:

harp, hanc, chao, pane, prch, phon, paae, open, acre, apar, ohra, arca, chon, capo, anoa, areo, oanh, canh, coen, oahe, area, earn, rhoa, heap, nepa, rahe, heon, peon, opah, pone, haor, phao, onca, anar, hoar, orne, near, phae, corn, enoh, arno, penh, nero, rohp, apne, horn, paon, haro, carp, naho, raoh, nape, hear, each, choe, cora, roha, pech, cope, eroh, acne, rana, cape, napa, neah, pano, raph, naah, reap, corp, paoa, oena, pore, oran, pare, cohn, hero, preh, poha, echo, narc, phor, hron, aohr, rohe, peor, raha, hora, rahn, hoer, arao, noch, naor, pehr, crop, noce, care, chap, hore, prah, pcha, cran, rope, hano, hare, ranh, aper, race, hoan, epha, cane, eoan, eohr, paoe, hean, haan, noer, porc, char, oche, pean, crap, rape, arch, aarp, acer, hera, roen, opec, poer, rehn, neap, paca, roan, ncoh, ehrc, pear, hone, ohne, aare, chop, reph, prae, rano, pehn, orca, porn, reno, para, cero, core, neoh, hope, rhon, rhea, pace, cone, once, reho, aeon, cron, ache, aero, noah.

5 letter words made from chaparone:

heron, ercan, coner, poche, acher, achna, rapho, aaron, roach, acone, preon, orena, chone, parch, canap, ponce, anpao, honea, caper, ronca, cohan, paean, crean, paano, arach, copen, craon, horea, pecha, nacre, racon, canoa, racan, nerpa, hoper, caroe, pohan, perch, horae, chapo, carno, achor, ochna, choen, apnea, harpe, ponch, canoe, ocean, crape, horna, rahon, rench, orana, anrep, haeco, honer, naach, honra, phren, pahoa, ehapa, aroha, preah, cheao, chena, crone, copeh, ahora, opher, naher, aorae, arone, ceron, perno, proca, ecaha, chern, haran, cenph, raahe, poner, orpen, pache, caner, hopen, cahen, penco, croan, phaen, nacho, ponca, parah, opara, peran, ehrco, ocana, phrae, rahan, cohea, epona, crapo, nepro, recap, norea, poena, rocan, phaon, cerna, pareo, harap, ohare, ancre, ocher, oprea, pahan, preca, prone, pearn, aohan, narch, ecrha, capon, parae, paech, carpo, anche, ohara, achen, nahar, achon, areca, horan, acero, capre, peach, harae, pacha, rocen, pocar, chora, opera, corna, penca, reach, perna, capra, ranch, napro, naper, nahor, pench, rhone, paner, arena, apcar, ancha, pacer, ranco, porec, oncer, aparo, panha, chepo, apace, horne, parce, hoare, haner, acorn, prehn, paone, rahne, prana, copra, renco, pahar, apera, cheon, perca, praha, peron, ncrpo, rocha, epoch, hopea, pacho, porch, creon, pahor, herpa, phrao, apron, orach, pecor, phone, caneh, ncrha, orhan, canor, chaon, crane, nchar, poach, encap, erhan, chore, achan, nehra, hanac, chara, achar, nacer, crena, necro, peano, corne, renho, horen, noche, arcae, phoca, phano, crohn, napea, porae, creno, cheap, raphe, rehan, naoac, pecan, anpac, harpo, penor, ancho, panah, ochre, proch, nohra, arano.

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