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How to spell CHARIED correctly?

If you meant to type "charied" but it appears to be a misspelling, here are some possible alternatives. If you wanted to convey the act of carrying, consider using "carried" instead. Alternatively, if you meant "charred", which refers to something being burnt or blackened, that would be the correct term to use.

List of suggestions on how to spell charied correctly

  • Cared He really cared about his friends and would go out of his way to support them.
  • Carried I carried my dog to the vet for his check-up.
  • chained The prisoner was chained to the wall to prevent any escape attempts.
  • Chaired
  • chard I love making sauteed chard with garlic and olive oil for a healthy side dish.
  • charged
  • charier I'm quite charier of spiders.
  • chariest Even the chariest investors couldn't resist the allure of the booming tech industry.
  • chariot In ancient Rome, the chariot was the symbol of ruler and power.
  • charity She devoted her life to charity and helping those in need.
  • charmed The witch was charmed by the young man's sweet smile.
  • charred The vegetables were charred on the outside.
  • Charted He charted the course of the river on his map.
  • Cherie My girlfriend, Cherie, loves to watch movies.
  • Cried I cried when I watched the sad movie.
  • hared
  • harried I was very harried today.
  • shared We shared a pencil and paper to draw on.

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