How to spell CHARK correctly?

We think the word chark is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell chark correctly

  • ark The house of Colonel Noah Dimmick was untouched by the water, and his home was given the name of Noah's Ark, "from which the name of Arkville was suggested.
  • bark There it halted, a foot or two from the head, and lay flat against the bark.
  • car I didn't even open the car or anything.
  • chad Aunt Nancy turned in astonishment, and Chad, who had come in with some dishes, was about to crush him with a look, when the Colonel said, with a sly twinkle in his eye: "What did he do, Jim?"
  • chair He was standing close behind her chair, smiling reassuringly.
  • chalk And so they discover every day, chalk in hand, not with the telescope to the eye, I know not how many intra-mercurial or extra-neptunian planets, and begin to distinguish the planets of the nearer stars.
  • chalky But Captain Bullock, R.N., lately brought up from the enormous depth of 16,860 feet a white, viscid, chalky mud, wholly devoid of Globigerinae.
  • chang Margaret Wellington, now eighteen years old, had lived with them at Chang-Yuan for ten years.
  • chap He was a wild chap, Alf.
  • char There will be eight of us, and the char-a-banc holds twelve, so we shall have plenty of room.
  • chard Barney Chard came up out of an uneasy sleep to the sudden sharp awareness that something was wrong.
  • charge And I pray you do not charge too much, for I am not yet betrothed or married."
  • charger As he sat on his charger, all armed from head to feet, he looked prouder than a bull, and a bull is a yew proud beast.
  • charm And the wonder was, that Conall bent to the young man's charm as readily as Thora had done.
  • chart As an aid in this direction I have prepared the following chart which I would advise all my readers to cut out and paste in some convenient place so that at their next dinner party it can be readily consulted.
  • chary But, as most men handle the pick and shovel, the fruit grower must be chary in his attempts to subdue the earth with those old-time implements.
  • chat We had a chat in his library at St. John's Wood, and as we parted he said, "I rely on you, Foote."
  • check Stoner returned in due time, much rested, and he brought with him a large check to the firm's account.
  • cheek The bright color faded from Maggie's cheek, while her eyes grew darker than before, and still she did not speak.
  • cheeky This little house was a rumty-too affair, her mother was a humbug, the boy a cheeky young rascal, but there was a warmth here he never felt in that big house which had been his wife’s and was now his holy daughter’s.
  • chic
  • chick
  • choc She stole my chocolate.
  • chock I was so chocked when I saw how little money I had left.
  • choke
  • chuck I always eat my fries with a side order of chuck.
  • chug
  • chukka
  • chunk My hamburger was chunky.
  • clark She had the unfortunate experience of meeting Clark Kent.
  • cork A bottle of wine is ready to be opened when I find a corkscrew.
  • dark
  • hack
  • hark
  • hawk
  • lark The lark is a songbird that lives in the open countryside.
  • mark The mark on the door indicates that this is the storeroom.
  • nark
  • park
  • shack
  • shake I'll have to shake the cobwebs off before I can get started.
  • shaky I was so shaky after the earthquake that I could hardly stand.
  • shank
  • shark I'm not going into the water, it's too dangerous with those sharks around.
  • shirk
  • Chan And after him Mango Chan that was a good Christian man and baptized, and gave letters of perpetual peace to all Christian men, and sent his brother Halaon with great multitude of folk for to win the Holy Land and for to put it into Christian men's hands, and for to destroy Mahomet's law, and for to take the Caliph of Bagdad that was emperor and lord of all the Saracens.
  • Shaka The city of Shaka is in Africa.
  • Chars -Concentrated acid chars organic matter; evolves heat when added to water, and sulphurous fumes when boiled with chips of wood, copper cuttings, or mercury.
  • Sharks I'm not scared of sharks, they're just big fishes.
  • chairs I fancy we can occupy her chairs for a while longer."

List of 20 words made from the word chark

3 letter words made from chark:

car, ark, arc.

4 letter words made from chark:

arch, krah, char, rack, hack, kcra, kahr, khrc, rahk, rakh, khac, cark, hark, khar, hkrc.

5 letter words made from chark:

krach, karch.

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