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How to spell CHASEN correctly?

If you have misspelled "chasen" and are looking for possible corrections, consider "chasin" or "chasing" as alternatives. These words are similar in sound but have different spellings, making them plausible substitutes. Always double-check to ensure your chosen correction aligns with the intended meaning of your text.

List of suggestions on how to spell chasen correctly

  • casein
  • chain The bike chain had come off and needed to be fixed.
  • chaise She reclined elegantly on the velvet chaise in the corner of the room, sipping her tea as she read her book.
  • Chan The Chan sect of Buddhism originated in China.
  • Chanson My favorite type of music is chanson, which is a French style of lyrical song.
  • chase The child loves to chase after his dog through the park.
  • chased The dog chased after the Frisbee, jumping gleefully through the air.
  • chaser After taking a shot of tequila, he quickly grabbed a lime chaser to help him swallow it down.
  • chases The cat chases after the mouse in the garden.
  • Chasing
  • chaste
  • chasten Her parents' scolding served to chasten her and make her reconsider her actions.
  • Chen
  • Chose
  • chosen I have chosen to study psychology in college.

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