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How to spell CHEAK correctly?

If you often misspell "cheak", fret not! The correct spelling is "cheek". To avoid future confusion, a few suggestions include: sounding it out or using mnemonic devices, referring to a dictionary, practicing through activities like word games, and employing spell-check tools. Soon, spelling "cheek" will be a breeze!

List of suggestions on how to spell cheak correctly

  • beak The bird used its beak to crack open the hard shell of the nut.
  • chad Chad was ecstatic when he found out he got the job.
  • chalk
  • Chan
  • chap
  • char The char grilled chicken was perfectly seasoned.
  • chat
  • Che
  • cheap
  • cheapo I refuse to buy those cheapo headphones from the dollar store because they always break within a few days.
  • cheat He always tries to cheat in his exams.
  • check
  • checks She left her wallet at home and didn't have any checks or credit cards to pay for her groceries.
  • cheek When I fell off my bike, I scraped my cheek on the pavement.
  • cheeks She blushed so hard that her cheeks turned bright red.
  • cheeky She gave a cheeky grin after making a clever joke.
  • cheer She gave a cheer to her favorite sports team.
  • chef
  • CHEM CHEM 101 is a required course for many science majors.
  • Chen
  • chew
  • chewy The cookies were still warm and chewy from the oven.
  • chick I saw a cute little chick hatch from its egg.
  • chock I put a chock under the wheel of the parked car to prevent it from rolling.
  • chuck He decided to chuck his old hat and buy a new one.
  • chunk The ice cream was so delicious, I could have eaten a chunk.
  • creak
  • heck
  • leak There is a water leak in the basement.
  • peak I always aim to hit my peak performance at work.
  • Shea Shea was the name of my great, great, great, great grandmother.
  • shear I need to shear my sheep before summer arrives.
  • sheik The sheik rode on his camel across the vast desert.
  • teak The boat was made out of teak.
  • weak She is very weak and needs medical attention.

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