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How to spell CHEQUORED correctly?

When encountering the misspelling "chequored", it is essential to provide the correct suggestions. The accurate spelling for this word is "checkered". This term refers to a pattern of alternating colored squares or shapes, often seen on flags, racing flags or clothing.

List of suggestions on how to spell chequored correctly

  • censored The controversial scene in the film was censored to make it suitable for all audiences.
  • checkered His checkered past made it difficult for him to find employment.
  • cheered The crowd cheered with excitement as their team scored the winning goal.
  • conquered Alexander the Great conquered vast territories during his military campaigns.
  • hectored The coach hectored his team for their lack of effort during practice.
  • liquored He stumbled out of the bar, clearly liquored and unable to walk straight.
  • required A valid ID card is required to enter the building.

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