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How to spell CHILDEBED correctly?

If you encountered the misspelling "childebed", it is likely a typographical error for "childbed". Childbed refers to the period after childbirth when a woman recovers. To avoid confusion and ensure accuracy, it's pertinent to use the correct spelling. Additional correct suggestions would include "childbirth" or "delivery".

List of suggestions on how to spell childebed correctly

  • chickened After seeing the massive roller coaster, he chickened out and decided not to ride it.
  • chided The teacher chided the student for not turning in their homework on time.
  • childhood My childhood home was filled with laughter and fond memories.
  • children The playground was filled with laughter as the children ran around and played together.
  • chillaxed I spent the weekend at the beach, soaking up the sun and feeling completely chillaxed.
  • chilled After a long day at work, Sarah enjoyed a chilled glass of wine to help her relax.
  • chiseled The statue's chiseled features made it appear lifelike and exquisitely detailed.
  • chundered His excessive drinking led to him chundering all over the bathroom floor.
  • cindered After the fire, only charred remnants of the house remained, with everything else cindered into ash.
  • hindered The high winds hindered our progress as we tried to reach the mountain summit.
  • mildewed I opened the old storage room and was hit with the pungent smell of mildewed books and dampness.

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