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How to spell CHILDER correctly?

The correct spelling for "childer" is "children". Other possible correct suggestions for this misspelling could include "childs" or "childes", but "children" is the most common and widely accepted spelling. It is important to double-check spelling before submitting any written work to ensure accuracy and clarity.

List of suggestions on how to spell childer correctly

  • builder The builder was able to construct a beautiful house from scratch.
  • calder
  • chaldea Chaldea was an ancient region in Mesopotamia.
  • chide He would chide me for being late to our meetings.
  • chided The teacher chided the student for not completing the homework on time.
  • child My sister just had her first child yesterday.
  • chile Chile is a country in South America that is known for its diverse geography and rich culture.
  • chilies I can't eat food with chilies in it because it's too spicy for me.
  • chilled I love to drink chilled water during a hot summer day.
  • chiller
  • chillier The temperature is getting chillier as the sun sets.
  • choler His choler rose when he found out someone had taken credit for his work.
  • chowder I love eating a warm bowl of creamy clam chowder on a cold winter day.
  • colder
  • gilder The gilder applied gold leaf to the ornate picture frame.
  • guilder The guilder was the currency of the Netherlands until it was replaced by the euro.
  • holder I need to buy a new pencil holder to keep my desk organized.
  • milder I didn't realize how spicy the food was until I tried the milder dish.
  • philter The old woman sold a philter to the lovestruck man, promising it would make his crush fall in love with him.
  • wilder The forest gets wilder with each step I take.

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