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How to spell CHINESS correctly?

If you are trying to spell "chiness", you might have meant "Chinese". This is a common mistake, but fear not, there's a simple solution. Just remember to replace the letter 's' with 'e' so that your spelling reads "Chinese". Now you're all set!

List of suggestions on how to spell chiness correctly

  • chariness I am very Chariness
  • chess I learned how to play chess when I was a child.
  • chicness Her outfit exuded a sense of chicness that caught the attention of everyone in the room.
  • Chillness The chillness of the winter air was felt by everyone outside.
  • Chimneys My grandmother used to tell me about the time when she and her sisters used to use the chimneys to get down to the
  • chine The chine of the fish was sliced perfectly by the skilled chef.
  • chines
  • chinese The restaurant is run by a Chinese family.
  • chinks The mason filled the chinks between the wall bricks with cement.
  • chinless He had a rather chinless appearance.
  • chinos I'm wearing my favorite navy chinos to the office today.
  • CHINS When we took the family photo, my grandfather was in the front row, proudly showing off his chins.
  • Hines She had a meeting with Hines in his office.
  • itchiness My scalp is experiencing a lot of itchiness lately.
  • Shiners I love to go fishin' and catch shiners.
  • shines
  • shyness Her shyness prevented her from speaking up during the presentation.

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