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How to spell CHIRST correctly?

The correct spelling for "chirst" is "Christ". The misspelling can be common due to the proximity of the letters "h" and "i" on a keyboard. To avoid this error, double-check your spelling or use auto-correct tools. Spell-checkers and dictionaries can also be helpful in suggesting the correct spelling for "Christ".

List of suggestions on how to spell chirst correctly

  • achiest The achiest student in the class was shunned by her peers.
  • chairs
  • Chars
  • chart The doctor used the chart to track the patient's progress.
  • chert The stone was covered in chert, a type of sedimentary rock.
  • chest
  • CHIS He was so angry that he blew his top and screamed, " Chis!
  • chit It is not polite to cough in someone's face, let alone chit about it.
  • chits I always keep a few chits on me in case of an emergency.
  • choirs The choirs rehearsed their parts for the upcoming performance.
  • christ Christ was born on Christmas Day according to Christian tradition.
  • first
  • Hist
  • Hurst Hurst is a small town in Texas with a population of 2,754
  • schist The bedrock in the area is primarily made up of schist.
  • shiest As the shiest member of the team, she often kept to herself.
  • shirt
  • thirst After a long hike, I had an insatiable thirst and drank an entire bottle of water.
  • thirsty
  • whist My grandfather loved to whist a tune as he worked in his garden.

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