Correct spelling for CHORDES

We think the word chordes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for chordes

  • charades In acting charades the characters and situation are made to represent a play upon a word or words by portraying some feature which vividly brings such word or words to the mind.
  • chord A new chord had been struck somewhere, which sang through every fibre of his being.
  • chorus I'm going as a chorus girl."
  • chowder After the chowder comes to a boil, let it cook for forty-five minutes.
  • cords Yes, it was straightforward enough if we could but get rid of our cords.
  • cortes A Jesuit before the revolution; since then an exiled Liberal leader; now a member of the Spanish Cortes; Rebello was always a Jew.
  • rhodes Already they had got Rhodes into their hands; they were already settled off the coast of Syria, on the island of Cyprus, among the ancient cities of the Phenicians.
  • shades When the shades of evening fall these minarets are far more beautiful than by day, as they are softened by the wiping out of the lines about the stones.
  • shorts Bags of corn were consumed in a flash, "shorts" were never long before their eager gaze, they went for every kind of nourishment provided for the rest of the menagerie.
  • chokes I swallows a drink of water and chokes over it.
  • codes In the first place, there is absolutely no trace of this remarkable law either in the codes or in other historians.
  • charts And from a letter of his dated March 16 we must infer that they were the three charts containing the Ten Commandments, the Creed, and the Lord's Prayer with Luther's explanation.
  • chides A maid explains to Krishna that her mistress is still at her toilet and chides him for arriving so abruptly.
  • shores
  • chores I had to do a few chores, milk the cow and take the milk to the few families that bought it.
  • CHADS Chesterton is home to seven churches, Chesterton Holy Trinity Church Elim Pentecostal Church, St Johns the Evangelist Church Holy Trinity C of E Church Chesterton URC and St Chads Church Chesterton Salvation Army is both a church and a thriving Community Centre
  • charters The charters which the subjects had obtained from their princes secured them in the enjoyment of many important civil rights, fortified by such jealous guards as effectually protected them against the encroachments of executive power.
  • chordates The calcichordate hypothesis holds that each separate lineage of chordate (Cephalochordates, Urochordates, Craniates) evolved from its own lineage of mitrate, and thus the echinoderms and the chordates are sister groups, with the hemichordates as an out-group.
  • chords The roar of Paris, so full of chords and melody!
  • shards
  • chortles
  • hordes
  • chutes
  • iffinesses
  • impartations
  • imperators
  • impressivenesses
  • improvs
  • improvved
  • improvving
  • imprudents
  • in-trust
  • in-trusted

141 words made from the letters chordes

3 letter words made from chordes:

dre, doc, esr, oed, red, soh, rho, cro, eos, dec, dos, sod, ore, rod, ode, roc, cos, sec, scd, hoe, des, hod, res, doh, ceo, doe, edo, cer, roe.

5 letter words made from chordes:

dosch, cores, desch, herds, drosh, drohs, ehrco, ocher, serch, decor, crode, dorch, score, cohrs, rohde, hercs, horse, horde, cored, ochre, scode, codes, shero, hoder, coser, hores, sherd, corse, sored, desco, oches, chore, schor, doseh, shore, dores, cerdo, oesch, shred, erdos, scher, hoser, echos, redos, soche, doreh, cosed, cords, dorce, rosed, coder, herod, rosch, resdh, scrod, dohse, chord, hoers, shoed, resod, credo.

4 letter words made from chordes:

eroh, cosh, shoe, choe, eros, odeh, shor, herd, sehr, sdeh, doch, ochs, sore, core, cero, ehrc, reho, shod, hore, oder, dohr, echo, rohe, hedo, rhos, seor, cseh, hero, dorh, oser, dero, dose, rods, rose, hord, oche, redo, resh, dher, cord, hodr, hoer, cred, deor, doer, shed, hors, code, hoes, hose, eohr.

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