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How to spell CHRONES correctly?

The correct spelling for the term you may be referring to is "Crohn's". Crohn's disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that affects the digestive tract. If you mistyped it as "chrones", it is important to use the correct spelling for accurate information and research purposes.

List of suggestions on how to spell chrones correctly

  • chines
  • chores I need to finish my chores before I can go out with my friends.
  • CHROMES The car's chromes shone brightly in the sunlight.
  • chronic Persistent illnesses are often called chronic.
  • Coronas The coronas of stars are formed by the interaction of their magnetic fields with the surrounding gas.
  • Coroners Coroners are the officials in charge of investigating deaths.
  • cranes The cranes that were in the field were huge.
  • crones The crones were so old and ugly, no one wanted to be near them.
  • Cronies The congressman's cronies were all in attendance.
  • cronus Before he put an end to the calamitous cycle of rebirth, Cronus devoured his father, Uranus.
  • drones Drones have become increasingly popular for aerial photography and surveillance purposes.
  • shrines Near the shrines of the saints, the pilgrims offered prayers.
  • thrones In my dreams, I sit on a throne of thrones.

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