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How to spell CIT correctly?

If you're trying to type "cit" but it's being recognized as a misspelling, don't fret! There are a few possible corrected suggestions to consider. You could be referring to "city", "cite" or "cist". Double-check your intended word and make the appropriate adjustment for a precise and accurate message.

List of suggestions on how to spell cit correctly

  • bit I need to grab a bit to eat before I tackle this project.
  • cat
  • CDT I am programmed to support multiple timezones including CDT.
  • chit I need to write down a chit for my boss so I can expense this lunch.
  • ci
  • cia The CIA is responsible for gathering and analyzing intelligence about foreign governments, corporations, and groups.
  • Cid Cid was a legendary hero in Spanish literature.
  • CIR The CIR (Corporate Income Tax Return) must be filed by March 15th each year.
  • Cit
  • cite I need you to cite your sources at the end of your research paper.
  • city
  • cot The baby slept peacefully in her cot all night long.
  • crt The monitor displays the image from the computer on its CRT screen.
  • cst
  • ct
  • cut Yesterday I cut my finger with a sharp knife.
  • cwt
  • fit
  • Git I just learned how to use Git for version control in my programming projects.
  • HIT The baseball hit the window and shattered it.
  • It
  • kit I'm packing my makeup kit for the trip.
  • lit The whole room was lit up with candles.
  • mit
  • nit The nit was too small to see until I used a magnifying glass.
  • pit I fell into the pit while hiking in the forest.
  • sit I will sit down and relax for a bit.
  • wit She impressed him with her quick wit and humor.
  • ZIT I woke up this morning with a huge zit on my forehead.

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