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How to spell CITTER correctly?

The correct spelling for "citter" could be "zither" or "guitar" depending on the context. If it's referring to a stringed instrument that belongs to the lute family, "zither" might be the correct spelling. However, if it's referring to a more popular instrument that uses strings, "guitar" is the word to use.

List of suggestions on how to spell citter correctly

  • biter The dog was known to be a biter, so the owner always kept him on a leash when out in public.
  • bitter The coffee tasted bitter because it had been sitting out for hours.
  • caster I need a caster for the bottom of this table leg.
  • cater The restaurant is known to cater to large events and parties.
  • cattier
  • center The community center provides a variety of programs and activities for all ages.
  • chatter The sound of the chatter in the busy coffee shop was overwhelming.
  • cider I love to drink hot cider on a chilly autumn evening.
  • cinder The cinder from the fire pit burned her foot when she accidentally stepped on it.
  • cite She made sure to cite all of her sources in her research paper.
  • Cited
  • cites
  • Cities I love visiting cities to explore their unique cultures and architecture.
  • cotter The mechanic used a cotter pin to secure the wheel onto the axle.
  • critter The critter scurried across the field and disappeared into the tall grass.
  • custer General George Armstrong Custer is famous for leading the 7th Cavalry Regiment into the Battle of Little Bighorn.
  • cuter
  • cutter He used a cutter to slice through the thick cardboard box.
  • fitter The fitter adjusted the treadmill to the customer's desired setting.
  • hitter The catcher snapped his glove in frustration at the next hitter's weak batting practice fly ball.
  • knitter My grandma is an expert knitter and always makes the coziest sweaters.
  • lister Hallo, ik ben Lister.
  • liter The bottle contained a liter of water.
  • litter The litter on the sidewalk was from the dog that was just let out.
  • mister
  • miter I cut the boards to lengths with my miter saw.
  • niter It's important to keep your niter handy, as it can help start a fire.
  • otter The playful otter expertly dives and twists through the water before resurfacing with a newly found clam in its paws.
  • quitter She was a high-school dropout, but she's not a quitter.
  • scatter The wind can scatter the leaves across the yard.
  • setter He trained his dog to be a setter for bird hunting.
  • sifter I'm thinking of buying a sifter for my flour.
  • sister Sister is the best friend that you always wished you had.
  • sitter I need to find a sitter for my dog.
  • sitters The sitters enjoyed watching the children play in the park.
  • skitter
  • Slitter The slitter cuts the fabric exactly to the specifications you provide.
  • titter
  • utter
  • wittier I am not sure if the wittier solution is to reduce the number of employees or increase the workload.

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