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How to spell CITYS correctly?

The misspelling "citys" can be corrected by adding the missing letter "i" to make it "cities". Another option is to change it to the possessive form "city's" if referring to something belonging to a particular city. It's important to proofread and double-check spellings before publishing or submitting any written work.

List of suggestions on how to spell citys correctly

  • cetus The whale is known as the 'cetus' because of its high-pitched sound.
  • chits I need to get some chits for the lottery.
  • Cit Cit when you think about your future.
  • cite
  • cites The study cites the growing inequality.
  • Cities The world is home to many bustling cities that are filled with diverse people, cultures, and traditions.
  • citrus The smell of citrus filled the air as I peeled open the juicy orange.
  • city I love walking through the bustling city streets, taking in all the lights and sounds.
  • it's
  • Its
  • sites On the sites I visited, I found information about different cultures.
  • SITS
  • TTYS Her teacher told her that TTYs were available for students who need help communicating with educators.

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